Zenplanner Login (2024)

1. Zen Planner

  • Gym Membership Software

  • Software That Simplifies Your Gym Management Streamline Operations. Increase Revenue. Engage Members. Chat Now Schedule Demo Software That Simplifies Your Gym Management Streamline Operations. Increase Revenue. Engage Members. Chat Now Schedule Demo

Zen Planner

2. Login | Zen Planner - Salesforce

  • Zen Planner Customer Secure Login Page. Login to your Zen Planner Customer Account.

3. Zen Planner - Nex level fitness

  • DOWNLOAD OUR APP! If you have not already received an email invitation to set up your Zen Planner account login, simply ask someone at the front desk for ...

4. Zen Planner Support

5. Zen Planner - THE LAB

  • ... Zen Planner · Calendar · Online Store. Zen Planner. Click here to Login! Calendar · Calendar (PDF)Download · Online Store. Footer Logo Image. 26 Creamery Lane ...

  • The Lab • All rights reserved • Design & Developed by Themeshopy

6. How to Use Zen Planner | Power with Purpose

  • You can use this portal to log in via our website, or you can download the member app. You can download the app for free on your iOS or Android phone. Simply ...

  • We use Zen Planner as our booking management platform at Power with Purpose. Read here how to use this planner when managing your class bookings.

7. Zen Planner FAQ - Infant Aquatics CT

  • How do I login to Zen Planner? The link to Zen Planner is at the top of our website labeled Enrolled Parent Portal. You can also use this Zen Planner Link.

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8. ZEN PLANNER, Lieze Aerts | 9789402194883 | Boeken - Bol

  • 28 apr 2022 · ZEN PLANNER is een eenvoudig agendasysteem speciaal voor mensen met ADHD, zonder voorgedrukte datums, met de rustgevende uitstraling van een ...

  • ZEN PLANNER (Paperback). ZEN PLANNER is een eenvoudig agendasysteem speciaal voor mensen met ADHD, zonder voorgedrukte datums, met de rustgevende...

ZEN PLANNER, Lieze Aerts | 9789402194883 | Boeken - Bol

9. Zen Planner Login Page - Prodigy Martial Arts

  • The staff were very friendly and helpful, I love how open and spacious the facility is, and being it was my first time here I didn't feel pressured or ...

  • More Information

Zen Planner Login Page - Prodigy Martial Arts

10. Ki Aikido Class Registration Made Easy with Zen Planner

  • Download the Class Registration App to Your iPhone, Android or Tablet. You'll need your Boulder Ki Aikido Zen Planner login info, once you download your class ...

  • Simplify Class Registration Using Zen Planner iPhone and Android Apps. All Boulder Ki Aikido students are now required to reserve each class ahead of time.

Ki Aikido Class Registration Made Easy with Zen Planner
Zenplanner Login (2024)


How do I log into Zen Planner? ›

If you already have a membership, ask a staff member to send your password. Your username will be your email address – so be sure to check your email for login information. If you wish to change which email you'd like to use, simply ask a staff member to edit it.

Is Zenplanner down? ›

Current Zen Planner status is UP.

How do I check in on Zen Planner? ›

  1. To check them in for the class, select their picture or click the arrow next to their name and select “Check In” from the drop-down menu. If a student has an alert on their account, you will be prompted when checking them in. ...
  2. To see who is already checked in, click the “Checked In” tab on the right.

How do I change the password on Zen Planner? ›

Zen Planner Password Reset Instructions:
  1. Reset your password here.
  2. Enter temporary passcode from your email.
  3. Create new password.
  4. Enter your email address and your password into the Zen Planner App.
  5. Click your initials, click view profile, click your picture. Upload a selfie, and click save.
Mar 17, 2021

How do I log into Zen? ›

To access your Zen customer portal just click 'My Account' at the top of the Zen homepage. Once you've signed in on the screen below, you'll be all set to go (you'll need the email and password associated with your Zen account).

How much does Zen Planner cost per month? ›

Zen Planner costs range from $99 to $267 per month based on the number of active members. Zen Planner pricing is tiered, starting at $99 per month for up to 45 members and going up to $267 per month for 251 or more members.

Is Zenplanner a CRM? ›

Zen Planner Gym Management Software is a CRM Suite.

How do I cancel my membership on Zen Planner? ›

You may request cancellation by logging into your account and going to Setup>Account Info> and select “Cancel” to have a cancellation form emailed to you or by contacting our Support Team at help@zenplanner.com.

What is the zen planner app? ›

Zen Planner simplifies your daily gym management tasks so you have more time with your members. Member info, insights and, analytics. Schedule management. Membership and class package builder.

How do I connect my Zen to my computer? ›

To get started, connect your gaming mouse to the MK Switch and connect the ZEN USB Cable to the A2 USB PORT - then switch the MK Switch to PC (not required if using a second mouse). Connect Zen to your PC using the PROG mini-USB cable. CONNECTED DEVICES on the right should now show the KEYBOARD icon (see image below).

How much does Zen app cost? ›

Zen offers auto-renewing subscription options: US$ 10.99 per month and US$ 39.99 per year. These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

How do I connect my Zen to my phone? ›

Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device to initiate Bluetooth pairing. Tap on "ZEN Air" ​​​on the mobile device to connect. Charging case Indicator will flash green and then turn off upon successful pairing. The LED will also turn off if both earbuds are removed from charging case.

How do I remove payment from Zen Planner? ›

Refunding Payments
  1. Log into your Zen Planner account.
  2. Go to the member profile that you want to refund the payment for.
  3. Click on “Financial” on the left-hand side.
  4. Click on “View Payments” on the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Click on the payment you would like to refund.

How do I turn auto pay off on Zen Planner? ›

1. If you are activating autopay for an individual member, navigate directly to their profile, click on "Memberships", then click where the record says "Auto Payments Off", you can turn it on from here. 2. If activating autopay for a group of members, you can use the Memberships with AutoPay OFF (Manual) report.

How do I set up a Zen email account? ›

Creating an Email Account in cPanel
  1. Select the "Create" button next aside the settings icon.
  2. On the next screen, enter the email address you'd like in the "Username" field.
  3. If you have multiple domains, ensure the correct one is set aside the "Username"
  4. Now set or generate a "Password"

How do I find my Zen email? ›

Getting your Email Details from the Portal
  1. Logging into your Portal. Go to the "My Account" section of the Zen website and enter your username or password. ...
  2. Finding Your Service Details. Click "My Services" tab at the top of the portal page. ...
  3. Finding Email Addresses. ...
  4. Changing Email Address Settings.

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