Weekend Open Post | June 21st - 23rd - The Football Brainiacs - OU Edition (2024)

Weekend Official Visitors & Notes | June 21st
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 20, 2024

The Sooners are hosting their final big visit weekend of the cycle before the dead period sets in.

Oklahoma will host more than 20 recruits and their families on official visits this weekend.

Back in May we had a working list of official visitsHEREand not too much has changed aside from a couple targets and OU going in different directions it appears.

DT Christian Evans and WR Andrew Marsh will not be taking officials to Norman and WR Quincy Porter committed to Ohio State recently so he will not be in.

The addition of WR Marcus Harris who committed to OU last week and the Sooners standing with Cortez Mills and Emmanuel Choice is a fair trade when it comes to Marsh and OU seeming to go to their separate corners, for now at least.

An additional visitor that we broke the news about back on June 14th is Brandon Brown, a Texas Defensive Tackle commit. Nice replacement to the visitors list in place of Evans who will likely stay on the East Coast for his college experience.


RB – Tory Blaylock – OU Commit
OT – Ryan Fodje – OU Commit
CB – Courtland Guillory – OU Commit
DB – Maliek Hawkins – OU Commit
CB – Trystan Haynes – OU Commit
LB – Marcus James – OU Commit
DT – Ka’Mori Moore – OU Commit
EDGE – Alexander Shieldnight – OU Commit
QB – Kevin Sperry – OU Commit
WR – Elijah Thomas – OU Commit
ATH – Trynae Washington – OU Commit
S – Marcus Wimberly – OU Commit


OT – Andrew Babalola
DT – Brandon Brown – Texas Commit
WR – Emmanuel Choice
EDGE – Max Granville
LB – Christian Jones
EDGE – CJ Nickson
EDGE – Smith Orogbo
S – Omarion Robinson

Taking a quick look at the targets:

Babalola: It’s now or never in this one for the Sooners. This is Babalola’s last scheduled OV. He has been to Auburn, Missouri, Michigan, and Stanford already. Lot of national buzz around Stanford, but I can say that Babalola holds Bedenbaugh in very high esteem and I am not counting the Sooners out at this point.

Brandon Brown: Texas commit out there shopping himself. UT does not want to lose Brown and they will fight to the finish for him no matter what OU throws at him. Really difficult to see this one coming together, but he is insistent on taking the OU visit so you never know. Todd Bates has the coaching advantage in this one.

Choice: This one has become what appears to be an Aggie vs Sooners battle. OU would like to add his unique size to their class, but Texas A&M is putting up a fight. This weekend should help push Choice in one direction or the other.

Granville: Yeah…A&M vs OU once again. Right now, I have this one pretty much a dead heat and if anyone has the advantage, it is A&M in my opinion. That does not mean OU is out of it by any means and this weekend could really move the needle back into OU’s favor if things go as the Sooners hope.

Jones: I haven’t heard anything about this one of late that does not scream ‘Husker’. Kinda surprised he is still expected in to be honest. We will see how things shake out, but with the Sooners prioritizing Melendez and in as good of a spot as they want to be with Iheanachor, difficult to see this one coming together.

Nickson: Nickson put out his ‘Final 2′ last week, but lets be honest, I have been saying “There is only one’ basically since he was offered. If you’re gonna get a quick return in regard to a commitment from this weekend as a Sooner fan, he is the first guy I would look at.

Orogbo: You trying to tell me Texas Tech is in the perceived ‘Top Spot’ by choice? That (and sourcing) tells me that some teams have been hot and cold with Orogbo of late and the Sooners can make a big push here if they run hot all through the weekend. Feels like OU is in as good of a spot as they want to be and if they get aggressive, they could come out of the weekend back in the top spot.

Robinson: Bottom line; OU could really use him and right now they are up against Oregon and Arkansas. I still do not discount Arkansas in this race as it is difficult to pull kids out of the home state when the program has been all in on them. We know the game Oregon will play and that will entail overcoming a steep NIL for OU. So the Sooners still have their work cut out for them. The Sooners make the most sense for him, in my opinion, in regard to preparing him for the next level along with a fine NIL deal. It would not hurt for them to really blow him away this weekend.

Quick Visit Notes
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 16, 2024

***First on Floyd Boucard…source tells me “If it was up to the family, things would wrap up this weekend”. Was told OU did an exceptional job and has definitely solidified their standing with Mom at the very least. Does that mean it’s an OU wrap? No, not really as Boucard is still planning on taking his visit next week. Anything can happen, but sounds like OU really did nice work, we will know in time if it was enough to keep Bama and USC at bay. I like where OU is at, but not confident enough at all to put it in numbers yet.

***In regard to Michael Fasusi. Source said “I don’t know what more OU could do there, they really have laid it all out and made a compelling case”. I asked source if they thought OU did enough to maybe take the lead and was told “I think they gave him a lot to think about, but I don’t feel like OU is in the lead right now.”

***On Mark Iheanachor, source was pretty blunt and said “If OU pushes, he will land at OU”. Was told the Sooners really impressed him and they check off all the boxes. I asked source if this was tied to Melendez still and source said “OU really, really wants Melendez”…so I took that as they are still in a bit of a holding pattern with Iheanachor, but we will check on that in the coming days.

***Lastly on WR Marcus Harris. Sounds like the last-minute visit helped OU here a lot and this one is going to come down to a battle between OU, UGA, and UCLA. Feels like it will ultimately be a heads-up contest between UCLA and OU and if OU stays aggressive here, they could find themselves landing his commitment down the line.

We will have more in the coming days.

Bottom Line on Fasusi
– Super K – Posted on: June 17, 2024

As you know, 5-star OL Michael Fasusi took his OV to Oklahoma, this past weekend.

Fasusi has a top 7 which includes: OU, Missouri, Texas, Oregon, TAMU, Georgia and USC.

There is still time in this one so we aren’t going to get in the weeds just yet. But I’ll bottom line this for you…

I was told that following the OU visit, Fasusi has told folks around him that the Sooners are squarely in his top three. The other two schools in that top three are as you might suspect, Texas and TAMU.

He did not say which order the schools are in and it’s my belief that he does not yet know (still has the Texas visit upcoming).

So, Sooners are certainly in striking distance but this is a hurry up and wait situation, for now.

Sourced Post Visit Update | Makhi Williams-Lee
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 17, 2024

The Sooners hosted ’25 defensive lineman Makhi Williams Lee last weekend on an official visit and by the sound of things, OU positioned themselves very nicely.

Source noted that while the Sooners staff put on a great show and made a huge impression on him, what they noted was that Williams Lee appeared to be “one of the guys” as he really blended in and bonded with the current players on the team.

I was told that David Stone, Gracen Halton, and Jayden Jackson did a lot of the heavy lifting on the visit as they took Williams Lee under their wings and really made him feel at home. Source also noted that Williams Lee and fellow ’25 DL visitor Floyd Boucard seemed to hit it off very well.

OU obviously covered all the bases on the staff side as Todd Bates and crew did their thing and Williams Lee was very engaged and attentive while meeting with the coaches and learning about what OU can do for him on the field.

He is still scheduled to take additional visits, but source believes OU is in as good of a spot as they want to be and Williams Lee is ripe for the picking for the Sooners. We will see if they decide to push. We will work on his timeline.

Sourced Update on Sooners LB Target
– Super K – Posted on: June 18, 2024

As you know, the Sooners are in hot pursuit of Miami 2025 LB commit, Elijah Melendez (from Florida by way of Colorado).

The Sooners hosted Melendez for an official visit this past weekend.

This is what I’ve heard…

***While Melendez has stated he has four schools in the running (OU, Miami, Auburn and Ole Miss), it does sound like the Sooners are higher up on that list…

***An OU source recently told me they believed it would come down to OU and Miami. However, interestingly, a second source actually noted that the top two may actually be Ole Miss and OU.

***Either way, the one consistent here is OU and I feel good about saying the Sooners are in that top two.

***It does sound like NIL is a factor (not sure how big) but it does seem the Melendez camp knows OU does a fine job delivering in that department. So, OU has that box checked.

***No trend from me yet but again, I believe OU is holding steady in the top two.

Update | ’25 Wide Receiver Cortez Mills
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 18, 2024

Yesterday, Emmett Jones and the Sooners added big time wide receiver Marcus Harris to the class as he wasted no time in committing to the Sooners following his weekend visit.

As I noted yesterday, following Harris’ commitment, we do not believe OU is done at WR recruiting.

The Sooners also hosted wide receiver Cortez Mills (6’1 170) out of Homestead, FL for the weekend.

Heading into the visit we noted(HERE)that Mills was leaning toward Clemson, but we also noted that if there was one program that had a decent chance of changing the equation, it was OU:

“***On Cortez Mills, yeah, OU is seemingly playing from behind…to Clemson this time. This might not be such a bad thing as OU has a very similar vibe when it comes to atmosphere and approach to recruiting and being a player. The Sooners goal is to convey that family/faith atmosphere, as well as opportunity on the field. Clemson can be tough to overcome when a kid is leaning that way, but if there is one program that can have a shot at doing it, I would say it is OU. Still, will be a tough hill to climb.”

Following his visit, sources have been very optimistic about where OU stands and one source I talked with believes the Sooners did enough to take over the top spot from Clemson. Same source noted that they were a bit concerned about the Miami visit coming up this weekend, but…Mills just announced he would not be taking that visit.

Typically, I wait for the post visit high to wear off before I trend a kid anywhere, but I have to say with the way things are playing out and with my sources confidence in where OU stands in relation to Clemson, I believe OU is out front.

Emmett Jones is that dude.

The Latest | Ty Haywood
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 19, 2024

As you know, Sooners offensive tackle priority target Ty Haywood was unable to make it to Norman last weekend for his official visit due to personal reasons.

As we noted, OU was working with Haywood to get that visit back on the schedule prior to the dead period.

Sources tell us that OU is trying, but to this point, no visit has been rescheduled. That could change at any time, but right now, they have not been able to set one up.

Back on June 19th(HERE)Super K wrote about the significance of the OU official visit in Haywood’s recruitment. K noted that Alabama made a significant jump in the picture:

“However, a source out in Alabama tells me that Bama made a pretty big move for Ty on the OV. And given Ty is originally from the Deep South and grew up a Bama fan, that would make sense.”

With the Sooners still not having a visit set, Alabama is beginning to loom larger in the picture.

Right now, Haywood is scheduled to visit FSU this weekend. We don’t put a lot of stock in that visit either way, but if it does go off, and if Haywood does not make it back to OU before the dead period (which begins next Monday) you have to believe that Bama provided ample reason for Haywood to not visit OU.

We know the Sooners are open to hosting him this week (midweek) or this weekend and they are trying to set it up. Right now the ball is in his court and once/if that visit gets set, you can start feeling good about where OU stands.

Fasusi and Haywood | Sourced
– Super K – Posted on: June 20, 2024

***On the Fasusi front, we spoke with an additional source and while I was originally told OU was in the top three, I now believe they are at least in the top two.

I think Texas is likely aware that the Sooners made a big move this past weekend. As such, I expect them to turn on the faucets, as it were.

Really think Fasusi sees Texas, TAMU and OU as all viable options but I think he recognizes that Bill is a more proven developer. And, as a young man who moved to America only about five years ago, he understands, he needs to development.

I can’t trend this because the Texas visit has to happen but right now I’d put OU at 1a or 1b.

Also, Fasusi is set to make an announcement in August.

***On the Haywood front, it’s still up in the air.

Sources on the OU side say they are still trying to find a way to get Haywood in before the dead period. They seem to think (and I agree) that someone (perhaps TAMU or Bama) knowing that OU was in the lead may have pressured him to forgo the OU visit.

We will continue to follow this but as Charlie has said, it’s hard to have much hope until we can confirm the Sooners are going to get him back on campus.

Weekend Open Post | June 21st - 23rd - The Football Brainiacs - OU Edition (2024)
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