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Kelly Jensen Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks July 2 49 Miles Alone by Natalie D. Richards Harvest House by Cynthia Leitich Smith Just Do This One Thing For Me by Laura Zimmermann The Midnight Game by Cynthia Murphy The Ones Who Come Back Hungry by Amelinda Bérubé Rhythm and Muse by India Hill Brown Things I’ll Never Say by Cassandra Newbould Those We Drown by Amy Goldsmith July 9 Gilded* by Marissa Meyer Hearts Overboard by Becky Dean The King Is Dead by Benjamin Dean July 16 The Collectors edited by AS King A Guide to the Dark by Meriam Metoui July 23 Exes & Foes by Amanda Woody Like Home by Louisa Onomé Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses by Katrina Emmel July 30 Nothing More to Tell by Karen M. McManus August 6 A Family of Killers by Bryce Moore Brighter Than The Sun by Daniel Aleman Forging Silver into Stars* by Brigid Kemmerer The Gender Binary Is a Big Lie by Lee Wind The Getaway by Lamar Giles Guardians of the Dawn: Zhara* by S. Jae-Jones I’ll Tell You No Lies by Amanda McCrina Manslaughter Park* by Tirzah Price Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice by Katie Cicatelli-Kuc Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert The Sunbearer Trials* by Aiden Thomas Witty in Pink by Erica George August 13 Champion of Fate* by Kendare Blake Holly Horror* by Michelle Jabès Corpora The Last Girls Standing by Jennifer Dugan A Little Like Waking by Adam Rex The Making of Yolanda la Bruja by Lorraine Avila My Dear Henry by Kalynn Bayron August 20 Drift by Megan Hutchins Forgive Me Not by Jennifer Baker Love Requires Chocolate* by Ravynn K. Stringfield Mighty Millie Novak by Elizabeth Holden Prince of the Palisades by Julian Winters August 27 The 9:09 Project by Mark H. Parsons Actually Super by Adi Alsaid And Don’t Look Back by Rebecca Barrow A British Girl’s Guide to Hurricanes and Heartbreak by Laura Taylor Namey I Feed Her To The Beast and The Beast Is Me by Jamison Shea Suddenly, A Murder by Lauren Muñoz The Ultimate Driving Book by Emma Carlson Berne, illustrated by Shaw Nielsen The Voice Upstairs by Laura E. Weymouth You’re Not Supposed To Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron September 3 Beholder by Ryan La Sala Find Him Where You Left Him Dead* by Kristen Simmons Gather by Kenneth M. Cadow The Gathering Dark edited by Tori Bovalino Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko House of Marionne* by J. Elle I Loved You In Another Life by David Arnold The Legacies by Jessica Goodman Man Made Monsters by Andrea L. Rogers Night of the Witch* by Sara Raasch, Beth Revis No One Left But You by Tash McAdam Pride and Prejudice and Pittsburgh by Rachael Lippincott This Book Kills by Ravena Guron Spindle and Dagger by J. Anderson Coats We Could Be Something by Will Kostakis September 10 Court of the Undying Seasons by A.M. Strickland Curses by Lish McBride The First Thing About You by Chaz Hayden Into the Bright Open by Cherie Dimaline Midnight at the Houdini by Delilah S. Dawson The Only Girl in Town by Ally Condie Stateless by Elizabeth Wein There’s No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer September 17 The Changing Man by Tomi Oyemakinde The Lake House by Sarah Beth Durst The Next New Syrian Girl by Ream Shukairy Ryan and Avery by David Levithan Shades of Rust and Ruin* by A. G. Howard When Ghosts Call Us Home by Katya de Becerra September 24 Be That Way by Hope Larson Bittersweet in the Hollow by Kate Pearsall This Dark Descent* by Kalyn Josephson Salt The Water by Candice Iloh Signed Sealed Dead by Cynthia Murphy You Might Also Like

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Kelly Jensen

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Kelly Jensen


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Something interesting this year in the world of YA is that there’s a slight uptick in the number of books being simultaneously published in hardcover and paperback. This is a trend that is not only good, but one I hope expands. Paperback books, despite sometimes being priced upwards of $16^, are a far more accessible format to not only teen readers but to adult readers on a budget, too. Hardcovers are a little more of an investment and more appealing to institutions like libraries and schools, where the format is more durable for use by lots of people. Personally, it’s less about cost for me and more about being able to toss a paperback into my bag or carry it with me somewhere. Paperbacks are the superior format. For readers who, like me, look forward to discovering what’s hitting shelves in that format, we’re in luck. The summer 2024 YA paperbacks are packed with something for everyone, genre and style-wise.

Find below some of the most exciting YA paperbacks hitting shelves this summer between July and September. Because of the paper sourcing challenges still impacting publishing, some of these dates may shift or change, but this is the closest to accurate as possible, per publishing catalog information. Some of these books are paperback originals, meaning they’ll only ever be released in paperback, while others are first releases in paperback of books that have already been published in hardcover. I’ve stuck to the first books in a series only, so know there are additional paperback releases of series books that are not the start of those series. First titles in a series are marked with a *.

You’ll find something of every genre in this roundup, making your summer 2024 YA paperback books a wealth of choices. Descriptions for the titles below come from Amazon because, much as I wish I’d read all of them, I have not, and this is a sizable list. This is one of the rare times I do that, if only because of how lengthy the list is.

Note that you might need to toggle your view when you click the link to see the paperback edition.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks

July 2

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (3)

49 Miles Alone by Natalie D. Richards

Four days alone in the desert. Except they’re not as alone as they think.

A year ago, Katie and her cousin Aster survived a night that left their world and easy friendship fractured. Desperate to heal and leave the past behind them, they tackle four days of hiking in the Utah backcountry. But the desert they’ve loved for years has tricks up its sleeve.

An illness, an injury, and a freak storm leave them short on confidence and supplies. When they come across a young couple with extra supplies on the trail, they’re grateful and relieved―at first. Riley exudes friendliness, but everything about her boyfriend Finn spells trouble. That night, after some chilling admissions about Finn from Riley, Katie and Aster wake to hear the couple fighting. Helpless and trapped in the darkness, they witness Riley’s desperate race into the night, with Finn chasing after.

In the morning, they find the couple’s camp, but Riley and Finn? Vanished. Katie is sure Riley is in trouble. And with help a two-day hike away, they know they are the only ones who can save her before something terrible happens. The clock is ticking and their supplies are dwindling, but Katie and Aster know they have to find Riley before Finn―or the desert―gets to her first.

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Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (4)

Harvest House by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Deftly leading readers to the literary crossroads of contemporary realism and haunting mystery, Cynthia Leitich Smith revisits the world of her American Indian Youth Literature Award winnerHearts Unbroken. Halloween is near, and Hughie Wolfe is volunteering at a new rural attraction: Harvest House. He’s excited to take part in the fun, spooky show—until he learns that an actor playing the vengeful spirit of an “Indian maiden,” a ghost inspired by local legend, will headline. Folklore aside, unusual thingshavebeen happening at night at the crossroads near Harvest House. A creepy man is stalking teenage girls and young women, particularly Indigenous women; dogs are fretful and on edge; and wild animals are behaving strangely. While Hughie weighs how and when to speak up about the bigoted legend, he and his friends begin to investigate the crossroads and whether it might be haunted after all. As Moon rises on All Hallow’s Eve, will they be able to protect themselves and their community?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (5)

Just Do This One Thing For Me by Laura Zimmermann

“Just do this one thing for me.” Drew’s mother says it more often than good morning. Heidi Hill has been juggling shady side hustles for all of Drew’s seventeen years, and Drew knows that “one thing” really means all the necessary things her mother thinks are boring, including taking care of her fifteen-year-old sister and eight-year-old brother. In fact, Drew is the closest thing to a responsible adult they’ve ever known. When their mother disappears on the way to a New Year’s Eve concert in Mexico and her schemes start unraveling, Drew is faced with a choice: Follow the rules, do the responsible thing, and walk away–alone–from her mother’s mess. Or hope the weather stays cold, keep the cons going, and just maybe hold her family together.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (6)

The Midnight Game by Cynthia Murphy

Six strangers. One night. But how many survivors?

When a group of six strangers who have only ever spoken on a creepy Deddit thread decide to meet IRL, they have one plan in mind: they are going to play The Midnight Game and summon the Midnight Man.

Rules of the game are simple: Do not turn on the lights. Do not go to sleep. Do not leave the building.

And once you start the game, you must finish it—there’s no other way out…

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (7)

The Ones Who Come Back Hungry by Amelinda Bérubé

After the sudden death of her perfect, popular older sister, Jo and her family feel empty.But days after crying at Audrey’s graveside, Jo stumbles on the impossible: Audrey, standing barefoot in the snowy backyard. But Audrey isn’t breathing. She’s still marred with the evidence of an autopsy. She’s decaying. And worst of all, Audrey is hungry, and only human blood can curb her relentless appetite.

Jo knows she can put her family back together; she just has to figure out how to fix Audrey. She hides her sister and sustains her with her own blood, determined to figure out how to keep Audrey with them. When her search takes her to her sister’s grieving inner circle of friends, Jo finds herself drawn into their fold―and to Audrey’s boyfriend, Sam.

As Jo slips further into her sister’s old life, Audrey’s hunger and jealousy grow more insatiable. She’s not going to sit back and let Jo replace her or, worse, discover the secrets hidden beneath her golden girl facade. As Jo struggles to juggle everything she will be forced to decide which of her loved ones needs her the most ―and who she’s willing to sacrifice to save them.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (8)

Rhythm and Muse by India Hill Brown

Darren Johnson lives in his head. There, he can pine for his crush—total dream girl, Delia Dawson—in peace, away from the unsolicited opinions of his talkative family and showboat friends. When Delia announces a theme song contest for her popular podcast,Dillie D in the Place to Be,Darren’s friends—convinced he’ll never make a move—submit one of his secret side projects for consideration.

After the anonymous romantic verse catches Dillie’s ear, she sets out to uncover the mystery singer behind the track. Now Darren must decide: Is he ready to step out of the shadows and take the lead in his own life?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (9)

Things I’ll Never Say by Cassandra Newbould

Ten years ago, the Scar Squad promised each other nothing would tear them apart. Even when Casey Jones Caruso lost her twin brother Sammy to an overdose, and their foursome became a threesome, the squad picked each other up. But when Casey’s feeling for the remaining members—Francesca and Benjamin—develop into romantic attraction, she worries the truth will dissolve them.

Casey tries to ignore her heart, until Ben kisses her at a summer party, and Frankie kisses another girl. Now Casey must confront all the complicated feelings she’s buried—for her friends and for the brother she’s totally pissed at for dying. Since Sammy’s death, Casey has spilled all the things she can no longer say to him in journals, and now more than ever, she wishes he were here to help her decide whether she should guard her heart or bet it all on love, before someone else decides for her.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (10)

Those We Drown by Amy Goldsmith

Itshouldhave been the trip of a lifetime.

When Liv lands an all-expenses-paid opportunity to study aboard the luxury cruise shipThe Eosfor a semester, she can’t believe her luck. Especially since it will offer her the chance to spend time with Will, herex–best friend, who’s barely spoken to her since the night their relationship changed forever.

But as soon as she steps on board, Liv realizes just how out of her depth she is. With Will, with the rest of the Seamester students—including the brittle and beautiful Constantine, who may be hiding his own ties to theEos—and most of all, with the Sirens, three glamorous and mysterious influencers who seem to have the run of the ship.

Liv quickly discovers that the only reason she was invited to join the trip is because another girl disappeared shortly after enrolling—and no one seems to know what happened to her. When further disappearances rock the ship and strange creatures begin haunting Liv’s dreams, she wonders: Is theEoshiding a dark secret within its shadowy decks?

The truth will come at a price . . . only, how much is Liv willing to pay?

July 9

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (11)

Gilded* by Marissa Meyer

Long ago cursed by the god of lies, a poor miller’s daughter has developed a talent for spinning stories that are fantastical and spellbinding and entirely untrue.

Or so everyone believes.

When one of Serilda’s outlandish tales draws the attention of the sinister Erlking and his undead hunters, she finds herself swept away into a grim world where ghouls and phantoms prowl the earth and hollow-eyed ravens track her every move. The king orders Serilda to complete the impossible task of spinning straw into gold, or be killed for telling falsehoods. In her desperation, Serilda unwittingly summons a mysterious boy to her aid. He agrees to help her… for a price. Love isn’t meant to be part of the bargain.

Soon Serilda realizes that there is more than one secret hidden in the castle walls, including an ancient curse that must be broken if she hopes to end the tyranny of the king and his wild hunt forever.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (12)

Hearts Overboard by Becky Dean

Set sail with this banter-filled rivals-to-lovers romance between a STEM-loving girl and a jock guy that will fill you with wanderlust…and have you rooting for love in the great outdoors!

Love is on the horizon…

After a very public breakup during which her ex, Caleb, tells her she is both (a) boring and (b) stuck in her ways, Savannah Moore decides that going with her mom on her company cruise to Alaska presents the perfect opportunity to show people how fun she is.

It won’t be easy, though. Her longtime nemesis, Tanner Woods, is also on the ship. His family and Savannah’s are friends, and Tanner knows her better than she’d like to admit. When he learns of her plan, Tanner wants to help, and he encourages her to try everything: zip-lining and dogsledding, hiking the bear-infested Alaskan wilderness, singing late night karaoke, and taking a polar plunge. That’ll show Caleb just what he’s missing.

Except after spending so much time with Tanner, Savannah’s not sure Caleb is the one she wants anymore…

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (13)

The King Is Dead by Benjamin Dean

In this romantic thriller perfect for fans ofAce of Spades, James—the shy, handsome, mixed-race heir to the British throne—must choose between love and duty amidst a dangerous scandal and a tabloid media desperate for his downfall.

Heavy is the crown James has been born to wear, especially as the first Black heir to the British throne. But with his father’s recent passing, and with a new secret boyfriend, James is woefully unprepared for the sudden shine of public scrutiny.

When his secrets come spilling forth across tabloid pages and the man he thought he loved has suddenly disappeared, James finds himself on the precipice of ruin. As every detail of his life becomes public knowledge, his sense of safety is shattered and the people he trusts the most become the likeliest suspects.

What dangers lurk behind the palace walls—and will the new king find out before it’s too late?

July 16

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (14)

The Collectors edited by AS King

From Michael L. Printz Award winner A.S. King and an all-star team of contributors including Anna-Marie McLemoreand Jason Reynolds, an anthology of stories about remarkable people and their strange and surprising collections.

From David Levithan’s story about a non-binary kid collecting pieces of other people’s collections to Jenny Torres Sanchez’s tale of a girl gatheringtypes of fire while trying not to get burnedto G. Neri’s piece about 1970’s skaters seeking opportunities to go vertical—anything can be collected and in the hands of these award-winning and bestselling authors, any collection can tell a story. Nine ofthe best YA novelists working today have written fiction based on a prompt from Printz-winner A.S. King (who also contributes astory) and the result is itself an extraordinary collection.

M. T. Anderson, e. E. Charlton-Trujillo, A.S. King, David Levithan, Cory McCarthy, Anna-Marie McLemore, G. Neri, Jason Reynolds, Randy Ribay, and Jenny Torres Sanchezhave each penned a surprising and provocative tale.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (15)

A Guide to the Dark by Meriam Metoui

The Haunting of Hill Housemeets Nina LaCour in this paranormal mystery YA about the ghosts we carry with us.

Something is building, simmering just out of reach.

The room is watching. But Mira and Layla don’t know this yet. When the two best friends are stranded on their spring break college tour road trip, they find themselves at the Wildwood Motel, located in the middle of nowhere, Indiana. Mira can’t shake the feeling that there is something wrong and rotten about their room. Inside, she’s haunted by nightmares of her dead brother. When she wakes up, he’s still there.

Layla doesn’t see him. Or notice anything suspicious about Room 9. The place may be a little run down, but it has a certain charm she can’t wait to capture on camera. If Layla is being honest, she’s too preoccupied with confusing feelings for Mira to see much else. But when they learn eight people died in that same room, they realize there must be a connection between the deaths and the unexplainable things that keep happening inside it. They just have to find the connection before Mira becomes the ninth.

Readers won’t be able to put down this tender thriller that includes over thirty interior black and white photos by the author!

July 23

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (16)

Exes & Foes by Amanda Woody

When two ex-best friends decide to hold a competition for the new girl’s heart, they don’t expect to fall for each other instead.

Emma has been a thorn in Caleb’s side since middle school. Having tarnished their friendship in eighth grade, she’s now little more to him than an unkempt,unruly, disastrous bisexual mess. Over the years, she’s gotten in the way of every romantic relationship he’s attempted to settle into, using little more than mischievous charisma to lure them into her clutches.

To Emma, Caleb sets the record for World’s Largest Stick in the Mud. Uptight,unbearably tidy, and a rule-follower, he’s exactly the kind of boring person her mother wishes she was. When she discovers they’re both after Juliet, the new girl, Emma proposes a competition to nudge him out of the way. Whoever can get Juliet to kiss them first wins, and the opposition must bow out with the promise of never talking to her again.

But plans go awry when Juliet seems mostly interested in hanging out with both of them together. Emma and Caleb just have to figure out whether winningJuliet’s heart is worth the torment of constantly dealing with each other, andthe risk of reopening wounds from a past they thought they had left behind.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (17)

Like Home by Louisa Onomé

Chinelo, or Nelo as her best friend Kate calls her, is all about her neighborhood Ginger East. She loves its chill vibe, ride-or-die sense of community, and the memories she has growing up there with her friends. Ginger East isn’t what it used to be though. After a deadly incident at the local arcade, most of her friends’ families moved away. Kate, whose family owns the local corner store, is still there and as long as that stays constant, Nelo’s good.

When Kate’s parent’s store is vandalized and the vandal still at large, Nelo is shaken to her core. And then the police and the media get involved and more of the outside world descends upon Ginger East with promises to “fix the neighborhood.” Suddenly, Nelo finds herself in the middle of a drama unfolding on a national scale.

Worse yet, Kate is acting strange. She’s pushing Nelo away at the exact moment they need each other most. Now Nelo’s entire world is morphing into something she hates and she must figure out how to get things back on track or risk losing everything–and everyone–she loves.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (18)

Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses by Katrina Emmel

Anything’s possible under a prairie sky…

Riley Thomas is feeling stuck—she’s moved from California to Nebraska, she’s on a weeklong Oregon Trail family bonding excursion, and her luggage is lost. There’s no one her age on the trip except a tall, dark and irksome cowboy who wrongly assumes she has zero ability to handle the great outdoors. She can’t wait for this misery to end—even though going “home” isn’t even possible anymore.

Lone wolf Colton Walker loves the simpler life of the plains and his family’s tourism business that helps protect them. He’s a stand-up guy—not a love ‘em and leave ‘em type like his rival, Jake. And he knows better than to take his chances with a prairie princess like Riley.

But Riley’s got more sense than Colton thinks–and he’s not nearly as inflexible as he seems. And under a wide prairie sky of puffy clouds and bright stars, everything comes into focus–including a cowboy’s heart.

Katrina Emmel’sNear Misses and Cowboy Kisseswill take you on a sweeping journey across the American prairie . . . once you love a boy in a Stetson, you’ll never be the same.

July 30

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (19)

Nothing More to Tell by Karen M. McManus

Four years ago, Brynn left Saint Ambrose School following the shocking murder of her favorite teacher—a story that made headlines after the teacher’s body was found by three Saint Ambrose students in the woods behind their school. The case was never solved. Now that Brynn is moving home and starting her dream internship at a true-crime show, she’s determined to find out what really happened.

The kids who found Mr. Larkin are her way in, and her ex–best friend, Tripp Talbot, was one of them. Without his account of events, the other two kids might have gone down for Mr. Larkin’s murder—but instead, thanks to Tripp, they’re now at the top of the Saint Ambrose social pyramid. Tripp’s friends have never forgotten what Tripp did for them that day, and neither has he. Just like he hasn’t forgotten that everything he told the police was a lie.

Digging into the past is bound to shake up the present, and when Brynn begins to investigate what happened in the woods that day, she uncovers secrets that might change everything—about Saint Ambrose, about Mr. Larkin, and about her ex-best friend, Tripp Talbot.

Four years ago someone got away with murder. More terrifying is that they might be closer than anyone thinks.

August 6

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (20)

A Family of Killers by Bryce Moore

Warren Bullock always thought he was a decent person. But lately he’s been haunted by a sinister voice in his head urging him to commit unspeakable acts of violence against the people around him.

And then the rumors start… There have been a string of disappearances in southeastern Kansas, and his father’s friend is one of the missing travelers. When Warren’s father leaves to investigate and doesn’t return, Warren knows this is his chance to prove that he is stronger than his darkest impulses.

As he makes his way through Kansas, he finds himself at a suspicious inn run by the Benders, a family with deeply unsettling mannerisms. They watch every move he makes, stand over him in his sleep, and the daughter seems to be able to see into both the past and future.

As he delves further into the disappearances, he realizes one or all of the Benders may be responsible for all the missing people―and might be the reason his father never came home. It’s up to Warren to set things right, even if that means giving into the voice he has been working so hard to ignore.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (21)

Brighter Than The Sun by Daniel Aleman

Every morning, sixteen-year-old Sol wakes up at the break of dawn in her hometown of Tijuana, Mexico and makes the trip across the border to go to school in the United States. Though the commute is exhausting, this is the best way to achieve her dream: becoming the first person in her family to go to college.

When her family’s restaurant starts struggling, Sol must find a part-time job in San Diego to help her dad put food on the table and pay the bills. But her complicated school and work schedules on the US side of the border mean moving in with her best friend and leaving her family behind.

With her life divided by an international border, Sol must come to terms with the loneliness she hides, the pressure she feels to succeed for her family, and the fact that the future she once dreamt of is starting to seem unattainable. Mostly, she’ll have to grapple with a secret she’s kept even from herself: that maybe she’s relieved to have escaped her difficult home life, and a part of her may never want to return.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (22)

Forging Silver into Stars* by Brigid Kemmerer

Forbidden magic. Secret romance. Dangerous alliances. Enter the world ofNew York Timesbestselling author Brigid Kemmerer’s electrifying series.

When nineteen-year-old Tycho, the King’s Courier, arrives in the remote village of Briarlock, he hopes to escape the demands of his new life in the royal court, where magic reigns for the first time in ages. He doesn’t expect to fall for a handsome blacksmith with a bruised heart.

After years of cruelty in his father’s forge, Jax never dared to dream of a better life–until a magic-wielding young lord shows him an enticing alternative. But when rumors of a rebellion reach Briarlock, Jax wonders who he can trust–and if he’ll even survive.

Jax’s best friend, Callyn, doesn’t trustanyone–especially not a handsome stranger with magic, which killed her parents years ago. When another royal emissary arrives, seeing a co-conspirator, Callyn finds herself embroiled in a plot that could lead them all to ruin. . .

As tensions flare throughout the kingdom, it won’t be long before everyone must choose a side.

War is brewing. Passions are building. And magic may doom–or save–them all.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (23)

The Gender Binary Is a Big Lie by Lee Wind

What if you discovered that the whole concept of a gender binary is an illusion?

While many people identify as men or women, that is not all there is. The idea that all humans fall into one of two gender categories is largely a construct created by those who benefit from that belief. The reality is that gender is naturally diverse, falling inside and outside of those boxes, and more expansive ideas of gender have always existed.

In the second book of the Queer History Project,The Gender Binary Is a Big Lie: Infinite Identities around the World, author Lee Wind uses historical evidence and primary sources―poetry, ancient burial sites, firsthand accounts, and news stories―to explore gender roles and identities. Gender identities and physical bodies are as diverse as the human experience. Get ready to shatter those preconceived notions of nothing but a gender binary and dive deep into expressions of gender―both past and present―that reveal the infinite variety and beauty of everyone’s gender.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (24)

The Getaway by Lamar Giles

Jay is living his best life at Karloff Country, one of the world’s most famous resorts. He’s got his family, his crew, and an incredible after-school job at the property’s main theme park. Life isn’t so great for the rest of the world, but when people come here to vacation, it’s to get away from all that.

As things outside get worse, trouble starts seeping into Karloff. First, Jay’s friend Connie and her family disappear in the middle of the night and no one will talk about it. Then the richest and most powerful families start arriving, only… they aren’t leaving. Unknown to the employees, the resort has been selling shares in an end-of-the-world oasis. The best of the best at the end of days. And in order to deliver the top-notch customer service the wealthy clientele paid for, the employees will be at their total beck and call.

Whether they like it or not.

Yet Karloff Country didn’t count on Jay and his crew–and just how far they’ll go to find out the truth and save themselves. But what’s more dangerous: the monster you know in your home or the unknown nightmare outside the walls?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (25)

Guardians of the Dawn: Zhara* by S. Jae-Jones

Magic flickers.

Love flames.

Chaos reigns.

They say that when

the world is out of balance

the Guardians of Dawn are reborn.

Jin Zhara’s life was already full with appeasing her stepmother’s cruel whims, looking after her blind younger sister, and keeping her magic secret from those who would kill her for it. But when a mysterious plague starts transforming magicians into monsters, Zhara joins a secret magical liberation society called the Guardians of Dawn, and her life becomes entwined with an easily flustered young man named Han, who has secrets of his own.

Magicians go missing, abominations emerge, and Zhara’s powers are growing beyond her control. A demon has awoken in the Morning Relams, and Zhara must find the elemental warrior within befefore the balance between order and chaos is lost forever.

Guardian of Fire…there you are…

Filled with adventure, romance, and a delightful cast of characters,Guardians of Dawn: Zharais the starts of a richly imagined fantasy series that will leave you breathless for more!

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (26)

I’ll Tell You No Lies by Amanda McCrina

New York, 1955. Eighteen-year-old Shelby Blaine and her father, an Air Force intelligence officer, have just been wrenched away from their old life in West Germany to New York’s Griffiss Air Force Base, where he has been summoned to lead the interrogation of an escaped Soviet pilot. Still in shock from the car accident that killed her mother barely a month earlier, Shelby struggles with her grief, an emotionally distant father, and having to start over in a new home.

Then a chance meeting with Maksym, the would-be defector, spirals into a deadly entanglement, as the pilot’s cover story is picked apart and he attempts to escape his military and intelligence handlers―with Shelby caught in the middle. The more she learns of Maksym’s secrets, including his detention at Auschwitz during the war, the more she becomes willing to help him. But as the stakes become more dangerous, Shelby begins to question everything she has been told, even by her fugitive friend. Allies turn into enemies, and the truth is muddled by lies. Can she trust a traitor with her life, or will it be the last mistake she ever makes?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (27)

Manslaughter Park* by Tirzah Price

Aspiring artist Fanny Price is an unwelcome guest at her uncle Sir Thomas Bertram’s estate. It’s his affection for Fanny that’s keeping her from being forced out by her cousins Tom and Maria and nasty Aunt Norris, back to a home to which she never wants to return. But then Sir Thomas dies in a tragic accident inside his art emporium, and Fanny finds evidence of foul play that, if revealed, could further jeopardize her already precarious position.

Edmund, her best friend and secret crush, urges Fanny to keep quiet about her discovery, but Fanny can’t ignore the truth: a murderer is among them.

Determined to find the killer, Fanny’s pursuit for justice has her wading into the Bertram family business, uncovering blackmail, and brushing with London’s high society when Henry and Mary Crawford arrive at Mansfield Park with an audacious business proposal. But a surprising twist of fate—and the help of local legends Lizzie Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy—brings Fanny more complications than she ever expected and a life-altering realization about herself she never saw coming.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (28)

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice by Katie Cicatelli-Kuc

Fall is a big deal in Briar Glen, a quaint and charming village in New England. That’s when tourists from all over the country descend upon this picturesque town to see the babbling brooks and colorful leaves while sipping hot chocolate or pumpkin spice lattes.

But sixteen-year-old Lucy Kane hates the uber-popular PSL. She finds it overrated — especially when you consider the fact that there isn’t even pumpkin in it! — which is bad because she works at Cup o’ Jo, the local coffee shop her mom owns. Business at Cup o’ Jo hasn’t been great in the off-season, but that’s okay because it always picks up during the fall …

Until Java Junction, a multinational coffee chain, opens across the street and makes things harder for the small shop. And to make matters worse, it turns out Jack Harper, the new kid in school and Lucy’s secret crush, is the son of the owner. Suddenly, fall doesn’t seem like it’ll be all it’s cracked up to be. Will Lucy find a way to save her mom’s coffee shop?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (29)

Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert

After an assault, bigender seventeen-year-old Aleks/Alexis is looking for a fresh start―so they voluntarily move in with their uncle, a Catholic priest. In their new bedroom, Aleks/Alexis discovers they can overhear parishioners in the church confessional. Moved by the struggles of these “sinners,” Aleks/Alexis decides to anonymously help them, finding solace in their secret identity: a guardian angel instead of a victim.

But then Aleks/Alexis overhears a confession of another priest admitting to sexually abusing a parishioner. As they try to uncover the priest’s identity before he hurts anyone again, Aleks/Alexis is also forced to confront their own abuser and come to terms with their past trauma.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (30)

The Sunbearer Trials* by Aiden Thomas

“Only the most powerful and honorable semidioses get chosen. I’m just a Jade. I’m not a real hero.”

As each new decade begins, the Sun’s power must be replenished so that Sol can keep traveling along the sky and keep the chaotic Obsidian gods at bay. Sol selects ten of the most worthy semidioses to compete in the Sunbearer Trials. The winner carries light and life to all the temples of Reino del Sol, but the loser has the greatest honor of all―they will be sacrificed to Sol, their body melted down to refuel the Sun Stones, protecting the world for another ten years.

Teo, a seventeen-year-old Jade semidiós and the trans son of the goddess of birds, isn’t worried about the Trials . . . at least, not for himself. His best friend, Niya is a Gold semidiós and a shoo-in for the Trials, and while he trusts her abilities, the odds of becoming the sacrifice is one-in-ten.

But then, for the first time in over a century, the impossible happens. Sol chooses not one, buttwoJade competitors. Teo, and Xio, the thirteen-year-old child of the god of bad luck. Now they must compete in five trials against Gold opponents who are more powerful and better trained. Worst of all, Teo’s annoyingly handsome ex-best friend and famous semidiós Hero, Aurelio is favored to win. Teo is determined to get himself and his friends through the trials unscathed―for fame, glory, and their own survival.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (31)

Witty in Pink by Erica George

Keep your friends close.Keep your nemesis closer.

After nearly five years of avoiding him, Briggs Goswick may have appeared at my feet on horseback like a handsome white knight but, in fact, he is a certified man-child.

Briggs may be many things―a society darling (annoying), attractive (so unfair), and heir to an elite family (helpful)―but after humiliating me at a ball several years ago, he is primarily my archnemesis.

His presence has made this summer go from bad to…complicated. I have the weight of saving my family’s name and finances solely on my shoulders, while I endure an endless parade of dreary balls and insufferable suitors to make a favorable match. But I have another idea―a business venture―to save my family. All I need are investors.

And as for Briggs? He’s hiding a secret as well: he’s flat broke.

Now the person I loathe the most in this world is just as trapped as I am―both penniless and our households depending on us to save them. And I think I know how. All I have to do is play nice with the very devil I’ve sworn to hate…

His society connections can boost me from near obscurity to help me win over investors for my business. And perhaps I can help him woo an aloof heiress with deep pockets. It’s a long shot. It might even work…but do I want it to?

August 13

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (32)

Champion of Fate* by Kendare Blake

Aristene are an order of mythical female warriors. Though heroes might be immortalized in legends, it’s the Aristene who guide their paths to victory. They are the Heromakers.

Raised by the order after being orphaned, Reed grew up surrounded by her future sisters-in-arms and the incredible stories of their quests. She’s been counting the days until her initiation, and now one final test stands in her way: shepherding her first hero to glory on the battlefield. Succeed, and her place in the order is secured. Fail, and she’ll be cast out of the only home she’s ever known.

But Reed didn’t count on Hestion, her assigned hero, being both infuriating and intriguing. When their strategic alliance turns into something more, it forces Reed to question the cost of becoming an Aristene. As battle looms and fate hangs in the balance, Reed must make an impossible choice: her hero or her order.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (33)

Holly Horror* by Michelle Jabès Corpora

After her parents’ painful divorce, Evie Archer hopes that moving to Ravenglass, Massachusetts, is the fresh start her family needs. But Evie quickly realizes that her new home—known by locals as the Horror House—carries its own dark past after learning about Holly Hobbie, who mysteriously vanished from her bedroom one night.

But traces of Holly linger in the Horror House and slowly begin to take over Evie’s life. A strange shadow follows her everywhere she goes, and Evie starts to lose sight of what’s real and what isn’t the more she learns about The Lost Girl.

Can Evie find out what happened the night of Holly’s disappearance? Or is history doomed to repeat itself in the Horror House?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (34)

The Last Girls Standing by Jennifer Dugan

Sloan and Cherry. Cherry and Sloan. They met only a few days before masked men with machetes attacked the summer camp where they worked, a massacre that left the rest of their fellow counselors dead. Now, months later, the two are inseparable, their traumatic experience bonding them in ways no one else can understand.

But as new evidence comes to light and Sloan learns more about the motives behind the ritual killing that brought them together, she begins to suspect that her girlfriend may be more than just a survivor—she may actually have been a part of it. Cherry tries to reassure her, but Sloan only becomes more distraught. Is this gaslighting or reality? Is Cherry a victim or a perpetrator? Is Sloan confused, or is she seeing things clearly for the very first time? Against all odds, Sloan survived that hot summer night. But will she survive what comes next?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (35)

A Little Like Waking by Adam Rex

Zelda is stuck in a dream. A very strange dream, where people can fly, bears sneeze money, and her childhood cat, Patches, is somehow alive – despite being run over years ago. Things only get stranger when Zelda meets Langston, a sweet if overly timid guy who feels more real to her than anyone she’s ever met.

As Zelda and Langston explore the far reaches of the dreamscape together, they find themselves growing closer and closer. But what they uncover along the way pushes them towards a truth neither of them wants to face. Will it turn out that he’s the guy of her dreams, or is she the girl of his?

Full of mind-bending artwork, Adam Rex’sA Little Like Wakingis a tender, insightful read that defies time, space, and expectation that’s perfect for fans ofEvery DayandEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (36)

The Making of Yolanda la Bruja by Lorraine Avila

Yolanda Alvarez is having a good year. She’s starting to feel at home at Julia De Burgos High, her school in the Bronx. She has her best friend Victory, and maybe something with José, a senior boy she’s getting to know. She’s confident her initiation into her family’s bruja tradition will happen soon.

But then a white boy, the son of a politician, appears at Julia De Burgos High, and his vibes are off. And Yolanda’s initiation begins with a series of troubling visions of the violence this boy threatens. How can Yolanda protect her community, in a world that doesn’t listen? Only with the wisdom and love of her family, friends, and community — and the Bruja Diosas, her ancestors and guides.

The Making of Yolanda la Brujais the book this country, struggling with the plague of gun violence, so desperately needs, but which few could write. Here Lorraine Avila brings a story born from the intersection of race, justice, education, and spirituality that will capture readers everywhere.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (37)

My Dear Henry by Kalynn Bayron

London, 1885.Gabriel Utterson, a 17-year-old law clerk, has returned to London for the first time since his life― and that of his dearest friend, Henry Jekyll―was derailed by a scandal that led to his and Henry’s expulsion from the London Medical School. Whispers about the true nature of Gabriel and Henry’s relationship have followed the boys for two years, and now Gabriel has a chance to start again.

But Gabriel doesn’t want to move on, not without Henry. His friend has become distant and cold since the disastrous events of the prior spring, and now his letters have stopped altogether. Desperate to discover what’s become of him, Gabriel takes to watching the Jekyll house.

In doing so, Gabriel meets Hyde, a a strangely familiar young man with white hair and a magnetic charisma. He claims to be friends with Henry, and Gabriel can’t help but begin to grow jealous at their apparent closeness, especially as Henry continues to act like Gabriel means nothing to him.

But the secret behind Henry’s apathy is only the first part of a deeper mystery that has begun to coalesce. Monsters of all kinds prowl within the London fog―and not all of them are out for blood…

August 20

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (38)

Drift by Megan Hutchins

Tenjat joins a dangerous defense to protect his island home from the monsters who threaten it in this fresh YA fantasy inspired by Mayan and Indian folklore. There’s no place for love on the shores of Hell. Tenjat lives on the shores of Hell, an ocean filled with ravenous naga monsters. His island, a massive Turtle, is slowed by the people living on its back. Tenjat is poor as poor gets: poor enough, even, to condescend to the shame of marriage, so his children can help support him one day. But Tenjat has a plan to avoid this fate. He will join the Handlers, those who defend and rule the island. Handlers never marry, and they can even provide for an additional family member. Against his sister’s wishes, Tenjat joins the Handlers. And just in time: the Handlers are ramping up for a dangerous battle against the naga monsters, and they need every fighter they can get. As the naga battle approaches, Tenjat’s training intensifies, but a long-hidden family secret-not to mention his own growing feelings for Avi-put his plans in jeopardy, and might threaten the very survival of his island.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (39)

Forgive Me Not by Jennifer Baker

All it took was one night and one bad decision for fifteen-year-old Violetta Chen-Samuels’ life to go off the rails. After driving drunk and causing the accident that kills her little sister, Violetta is incarcerated. Under the juvenile justice system, her fate lies in the hands of those she’s wronged—her family. With their forgiveness, she could go home. But without it? Well . . .

Denied their forgiveness, Violetta is now left with two options, neither good—remain in juvenile detention for an uncertain sentence or participate in the Trials. The Trials are no easy feat, but if she succeeds, she could regain both her freedom and what she wants most of all: her family’s love. In her quest to prove her remorse, Violetta is forced to confront not only her family’s grief, but her own—and the question of whether their forgiveness is more important than forgiving herself.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (40)

Love Requires Chocolate* by Ravynn K. Stringfield

Whitney Curry is primed to have an epic semester abroad. She’s created the perfectitinerary and many,manyto-do lists after collecting every detail possible about Paris, France. Thus, she anticipates a grand adventure filled with vintage boutiques, her idol Josephine Baker’s old stomping grounds, and endless plays sure to inspire the ones she writes and—ahem—directs!

But all is not as she imagined when she’s dropped off at her prestigious new Parisian lycée. A fish out of water, Whitney struggles to juggle schoolwork, homesickness, and mastering the French language. Luckily, she lives for the drama. Literally.

Cue French tutor Thierry Magnon, a grumpy yet très handsome soccer star, who’s determined to show Whitney the real Paris. Is this type-A theater nerd ready to see how lessons on the City of Lights can turn into lessons on love?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (41)

Mighty Millie Novak by Elizabeth Holden

Social anxiety, her parents’ divorce, and messy friendships won’t stop Millie’s pursuit of what she wants—in roller derby or in love. But her own lies might . . .

Sixteen-year-old Millie Novak is stuck in an “if only” rut. If only she were stronger and faster, maybe her roller derby teammates would take her seriously. If only she had the guts to go back to in-person learning, maybe she’d have a social life. If only she weren’t such an awkward mess, maybe she could get the attention of that cute girl on the all-star derby team. And don’t get her started on her family!

After the one-two punch of her beloved older brother’s departure for college and her parents’ overdue split, Millie decides it’s time to reinvent herself. With the help of her new friend Pumpkin and a little bit of deceit, Millie crafts a plan to cement her status on the team and get her crush to fall for her.

But reinvention isn’t easy. Millie’s constantly shown up by show-off teammate Stork, and the only way she can get her crush’s attention is through increasingly elaborate lies. Worse, she begins to suspect Pumpkin is not the supportive friend she’d imagined. Toughest to handle? Realizing the person she’s in love with might not be her longtime crush, after all.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (42)

Prince of the Palisades by Julian Winters

When roguish Prince Jadon of Îles de la Rêverie is left in America to clean up his image after a horribly public break-up gone viral, romance is not on the table. Carefully planned photo ops with puppies? Yes. Scheduled appearances with the Santa Monica elite Absolutely. Rendezvous with a pink-haired, film-obsessed hottie from the private school where he’s currently enrolled? Uhhhh . . . Together with his entourage—a bitingly witty royal guard, Rêverie’s future queen (and Jadon’s brilliant older sister), and a quirky royal liaison—Jadon’s on a mission to turn things around and show his parents, and his country, that he’s more than just a royal screw-up. If he doesn’t prove that he’s the prince Rêverie deserves? Well, he may not be allowed home . . . But falling for a not-so-royal American boy has Jadon redefining what it means to be a leader. If he can be someone’s Prince Charming just by being himself, maybe that’s all it takes to win over a nation. Or at least a prince can dream . . .

August 27

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (43)

The 9:09 Project by Mark H. Parsons

It has been two years since his mom’s death, and Jamison, his dad, and his younger sister seem to be coping, but they’ve been dealing with their loss separately and in different ways. When Jamison almost forgets the date of his mother’s birthday, he worries that his memory of her is slipping away. To help make sense of the passing of time, he picks up his camera—the Nikon his mother gave to him.

Jamison begins to take photos of ordinary people on the street, at the same time and place each night. As he focuses his lens on the random people who cross his path, Jamison begins to see the world in a deeper way. His endeavor turns into a school project, and then into something more. Along with his new outlook, Jamison forges new and unexpected friendships at school. But more importantly, he’s able to revive the memory of his mother, and to connect with his father and younger sister once again.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (44)

Actually Super by Adi Alsaid

Isabel is having an existential crisis. She’s three years into high school, and everything she’s learned has only shaken her faith in humanity. Late one night, she finds herself drawn to a niche corner of the internet—a forum whose members believe firmly in one thing: that there are indeed people out in the world quietly performing impossible acts of heroism. You might even call themsupers. No, not in the comic book sense—these are real people, just like each of us, but who happen to have a power or two. If Isabel can find them, she reasons, she might be able to prove to herself that humanity is more good than bad.

So, the day she turns 18, she sets off on a journey that will take her from Japan to Australia, and from Argentina to Mexico, with many stops along the way. She longs to prove one—just one—super exists to restore her hope for the future.

Will she find what she’s looking for? And how will she know when—if—she does?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (45)

And Don’t Look Back by Rebecca Barrow

Harlow Ford has spent her entire life running, caught in her mother’s wake as they flit from town to town, hiding from a presence that Harlow isn’t even sure is real. In each new place, Harlow takes on a new name and personality, and each time they run, she leaves another piece of herself behind.

When Harlow and her mom set off on yet another 3 a.m. escape, they are involved in a car accident that leaves Harlow’s mother fatally wounded. Before she dies, she tells Harlow two things: where to find the key to a safety deposit box and to never stop running. In the box, Harlow finds thirty grand in cash, life insurance documents, and several fake IDs for both herself and her mom—an on-the-run essentials kit. But Harlow also finds a photograph of her mom as a teenager with two other girls, the deed to a house in a town she’s never heard of, and a handful of newspaper clippings discussing the disappearance of a woman named Eve Kennedy, Harlow’s grandmother…relics of a part of Harlow’s life she never knew existed.

With these tantalizing clues about her mother’s secrets and the power to choose her own future for the first time, Harlow realizes she has two choices: keep fleeing her mom’s ghosts or face down the nebulous threat that’s been hanging over her for her entire life.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (46)

A British Girl’s Guide to Hurricanes and Heartbreak by Laura Taylor Namey

Winchester, England, has always been home for Flora, but when her mother dies after a long illness, Flora feels untethered. Her family expects her to apply to university and take a larger role in their tea-shop business, but Flora isn’t so sure. More than ever, she’s the chaotic “hurricane” in her household, and she doesn’t always know how to manage her stormy emotions.

So she decides to escape to Miami without telling anyone—especially her longtime friend Gordon Wallace.

But Flora’s tropical change of scenery doesn’t cast away her self-doubt. When it comes to university, she has no idea which passions she should follow. That’s also true in romance. Flora’s summer abroad lands her in the flashbulb world of teen influencer Baz Marín, a Miami Cuban who shares her love for photography. But Flora’s more conflicted than ever when she begins to see future architect Gordon in a new light.

In this powerfully emotional novel, Laura Taylor Namey navigates heartbreak that feels like a hurricane in a city that’s famous for them.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (47)

I Feed Her To The Beast and The Beast Is Me by Jamison Shea

There will be blood.

Ace of SpadesmeetsHouse of Hollowin this villain origin story.

Laure Mesny is a perfectionist with an axe to grind. Despite being constantly overlooked in the elite and cutthroat world of the Parisian ballet, she will do anything to prove that a Black girl can take center stage. To level the playing field, Laure ventures deep into the depths of the Catacombs and strikes a deal with a pulsating river of blood.

The primordial power Laure gains promises influence and adoration, everything she’s dreamed of and worked toward. With retribution on her mind, she surpasses her bitter and privileged peers, leaving broken bodies behind her on her climb to stardom.

But even as undeniable as she is, Laure is not the only monster around. And her vicious desires make her a perfect target for slaughter. As she descends into madness and the mystifying underworld beneath her, she is faced with the ultimate choice: continue to break herself for scraps of validation or succumb to the darkness that wants her exactly as she is―monstrous heart and all. That is, if the god-killer doesn’t catch her first.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (48)

Suddenly, A Murder by Lauren Muñoz

Someone brought a knife to the party.

To celebrate the end of high school, Izzy Morales joins her ride-or-die Kassidy and five friends on a 1920s–themed getaway at the glamorous Ashwood Manor. There, Izzy and her friends party in vintage dresses and expensive diamonds—until Kassidy’s boyfriend turns up dead.

Murdered,investigators declare when they arrive at the scene, and now every party guest is a suspect. There’s the girlfriend, in love. The other girl, in despair. The old friend, forlorn. The new friend, distressed. The brooding enigma. And then, there’s Izzy—the girl who brought the knife.

To find the killer, everyone must undergo a grueling interrogation, all while locked in an estate where, suddenly, the greatest luxury is innocence.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (49)

The Ultimate Driving Book by Emma Carlson Berne, illustrated by Shaw Nielsen

From changing a tire, to merging onto a highway, to checking and filling your own oil, THE ULTIMATE DRIVING BOOK is the new go-to manual for new and seasoned drivers alike. With 160 pages of full-color illustrations throughout, drivers will have all the step-by-steps they need to navigate life on the road.

Inside, learn how to:

– Navigate a roundabout or jughandle

– Jump your car’s battery

– Drive in snow or ice

…and so much more!

Plus, use the book’s back pocket to store your insurance and registration documents, then keep it in your glovebox forever!

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (50)

The Voice Upstairs by Laura E. Weymouth

In 1920s England, a working-class girl who can see spirits works with a lord’s son to solve mysterious deaths at the local manor home in this “intensely atmospheric and eerie…compelling, secret-filled gothic tale” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) perfect for fans ofThe Haunting of Bly ManorandDownton Abbey.

Wilhelmina Price has a dubious reputation in the village of Thrush’s Green. Ever since her mother’s untimely death, she has been able to see a person’s spirit leaving their body days or hours before they die. Wil has never been able to prevent these deaths, so her unusual skill has made her an outsider to most except her lifelong friend, Edison, the youngest son of Lord Summerfield. But when a maid at the Summerfield’s estate dies in the same mysterious way as Wil’s own mother, Wil takes on a housemaid’s position to investigate whether these women might, in fact, have been murdered.

There is nothing Ed Summerfield values more than his friendship with Wil, which is why he’s desperate to disguise how hopelessly in love with her he’s become—and his belief that he may be haunted by the ghost of his older brother, Peter. Because if Wil, with her supernatural powers, can’t see the same evidence of hauntings that Ed does, he worries he may actually be losing his mind.

Together, Wil and Ed must dig deeper into the Summerfields’ hoard of secrets, though the truth won’t give itself up without a fight that could prove deadly to the both of them, as they face cunning adversaries among the living and the dead.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (51)

You’re Not Supposed To Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron

At Camp Mirror Lake, terror is the name of the game . . . but can you survive the night?

This heart-pounding slasher byNew York Timesbestselling author Kalynn Bayron is perfect for fans ofFear Street.

Charity has the summer job of her dreams, playing the “final girl” at Camp Mirror Lake. Guests pay to be scared in this full-contact terror game, as Charity and her summer crew recreate scenes from a classic slasher film,The Curse of Camp Mirror Lake. The more realistic the fear, the better for business.

But the last weekend of the season, Charity’s co-workers begin disappearing. And when one ends up dead, Charity’s role as the final girl suddenly becomes alltooreal. If Charity and her girlfriend Bezi hope to survive the night, they’ll need figure out what this killer is after. As they unravel the bloody history of the real Mirror Lake, Charity discovers that there may be more to the story than she ever suspected . . .

September 3

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (52)

Beholder by Ryan La Sala

No one survived the party at the penthouse. Except Athan.

Athanasios “Athan” Bakirtzis has made it far in life relying on his charm and good looks, even securing an invitation to a mysterious penthouse soiree for New York City’s artsy elite. But when he sneaks off to the bathroom, he hears a slam, followed by a scream. Athan peers outside, only to be pushed back in by a boy his age. The boy gravely tells him not to open the door, then closes Athan in.

Outside the door, the party descends into chaos. Through hours of howls, laughter, and sobs, Athan stays hidden. When he finally emerges, he discovers a massacre where the corpses appear to have arranged themselves into a disturbingly elegant sculpture-and Athan’s mysterious savior is nowhere to be found. Athan-the only known survivor-is now the primary suspect.

In a race to prove his innocence, Athan is swept up in a supernatural mystery, one of secret occult societies and deadly eldritch horrors withratherdistinctive taste. Something evil is waking up in the walls of New York City, and it’s compelling victims toward violence, chaos, and self-destruction. Bound to him by a mysterious hereditary power, Athan has felt this evil hiding behind his reflection his entire life, watching him. Waiting. Now, it’s taking over.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (53)

Find Him Where You Left Him Dead* by Kristen Simmons

Four years ago, five kids started a game. Not all of them survived.

Now, at the end of their senior year of high school, the survivors―Owen, Madeline, Emerson, and Dax―have reunited for one strange and terrible reason: they’ve been summoned by the ghost of Ian, the friend they left for dead.

Together they return to the place where their friendship ended with one goal: find Ian and bring him home. So they restart the deadly game they never finished―an innocent card-matching challenge called Meido. A game without instructions.

As soon as they begin, they’re dragged out of their reality and into an eerie hellscape of Japanese underworlds, more horrifying than even the darkest folktales that Owen’s grandmother told him. There, they meet Shinigami, an old wise woman who explains the rules:

They have one night to complete seven challenges or they’ll all be stuck in this world forever.

Once inseparable, the survivors now can’t stand each other, but the challenges demand they work together, think quickly, and make sacrifices―blood, clothes, secrets, memories, and worse.

And once again, not everyone will make it out alive.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (54)

Gather by Kenneth M. Cadow

Ian Gray isn’t supposed to have a dog, but a lot of things that shouldn’t happen end up happening anyway. And Gather, Ian’s adopted pup, is good company now that Ian has to quit the basketball team, find a job, and take care of his mom as she tries to overcome her opioid addiction. Despite the obstacles thrown their way, Ian is determined to keep his family afloat no matter what it takes. And for a little while, things are looking up: Ian makes friends, and his fondness for the outdoors and for fixing things lands him work helping neighbors. But an unforeseen tragedy results in Ian and his dog taking off on the run, trying to evade a future that would mean leaving their house and their land. Even if the community comes together to help him, would Ian and Gather have a home to return to? Told in a wry, cautious first-person voice, Kenneth M. Cadow’s resonant novel, a 2023 National Book Award Finalist, brings an emotional and ultimately hopeful story of one teen’s resilience in the face of unthinkable hardships.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (55)

The Gathering Dark edited by Tori Bovalino

These are the stories that haunt us

A cemetery full of the restless dead. A town so wicked it has already burned twice, with the breath of the third fire looming. A rural, isolated bridge with a terrifying monster waiting for the completion of its summoning ritual. A lake that allows the drowned to return, though they have been changed by the claws of death. These are the shadowed, liminal spaces where the curses and monsters lurk, refusing to be forgotten.

Hauntings, and a variety of horrifying secrets, lurk in the places we once called home. Written by New York Times bestselling, and other critically acclaimed, authors these stories shed a harsh light on the scariest tales we grew up with.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (56)

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

It’s summertime and 17-year-old Coley has found herself alone, again. Forced to move to rural Oregon after just losing her mother, she is in no position to risk her already fragile heart. But when she meets Sonya, the attraction is immediate.

Coley worries she isn’t worthy of love. Up until now, everyone she’s loved has left her. And Sonya’s never been with a girl before. What if she’s too afraid to show up for Coley? What if by opening her heart, Coley’s risking it all?

They both realize that when things are pushed down, and feelings are forced to shrivel away, Coley and Sonya will be the ones to shrink. It’s not until they accept the love they fear and deserve most, that suddenly the song makes sense.

Based on the billboard-charting smash hit song and viral music video GIRLS LIKE GIRLS, Hayley Kiyoko’s debut novel is about embracing your truth and realizing we are all worthy of being loved back.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (57)

House of Marionne* by J. Elle


17-year-old Quell has lived her entire life on the run. She and her mother have fled from city to city in order to hide the deadly magic that flows through Quell’s veins.

Until someone discovers her dark secret.

To hide from the assassin hunting her and keep her mother out of harm’s way, Quell reluctantly inducts into a debutante society of magical social elites called the Order that she never knew existed. If she can pass their three rites of membership, mastering their proper form of magic, she’ll be able to secretly bury her forbidden magic forever.

If caught, she will be killed.

But becoming the perfect debutante is a lot harder than Quell imagined, especially when there’s more than tutoring happening with Jordan, her brooding mentor and assassin-in-training.

When Quell uncovers the deadly lengths the Order will go to defend its wealth and power, she’s forced to choose: Embrace the dark magic she’s been running from her entire life, or risk losing everything, and everyone, she’s grown to love.

Still, she fears the most formidable monster she’ll have to face is the one inside.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (58)

I Loved You In Another Life by David Arnold

Evan Taft has plans. Take a gap year in Alaska, make sure his little brother and single mother are taken care of, and continue therapy to process his father’s departure. But after his mom’s unexpected diagnosis, as Evan’s plans begin to fade, he hears something: a song no one else can hear, the voice of a mysterious singer . . .

Shosh Bell has dreams. A high school theater legend, she’s headed to performing arts college in LA, a star on the rise. But when a drunk driver takes her sister’s life, that star fades to black. All that remains is a void—and a soft voice singing in her ear . . .

Over it all, transcending time and space, a celestial bird brings strangers together: from an escaped murderer in 19th century Paris, to a Norwegian kosmonaut in low-earth orbit, something is happening that began long ago, and will long outlast Evan and Shosh. With lyrical prose and original songs (written and recorded by the author), I LOVED YOU IN ANOTHER LIFE explores the history of love, and how some souls are meant for each other—yesterday, today, forever.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (59)

The Legacies by Jessica Goodman

Old money. New secrets. One killer party.

Scoring an invitation for membership to the exclusive Legacy Club in New York City is more than an honor. It gives you a lifetime of access to power and wealth beyond any prep school doors. That is, after you make it through a rigorous week of events and the extravagant gala, the Legacy Ball.

It’s not surprising when Excelsior Prep seniors Bernie Kaplan, Isobel Rothcroft, and Skyler Hawkins are nominated as Legacies; their family pedigrees have assured their membership since birth—even if they’re all keeping secrets that could destroy their reputations. But scholarship kid from Queens Tori Tasso? She’s a surprise nominee and has never fit in this world of designer bags, penthouse apartments, and million-dollar donations. So what did she do to secure her place?

The night of the Legacy Ball is supposed to be the best night of these seniors’ lives, a night of haute couture, endless champagne, and plenty of hushed gossip.

Everyone expects a night of luxury and excess.

No one expects their secrets to come out.

Or for someone to die trying to keep them hidden.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (60)

Man Made Monsters by Andrea L. Rogers

Tsalagi should never have to live on human blood, but sometimes things just happen to sixteen-year-old girls.

Making her YA debut, Cherokee writer Andrea L. Rogers takes her place as one of the most striking voices of the horror renaissance that has swept the last decade.

Horror fans will get their thrills in this collection — from werewolves to vampires to zombies — all the time-worn horror baddies are there. But so are predators of a distinctly American variety – the horrors of empire, of intimate partner violence, of dispossession. And so too the monsters of Rogers’ imagination, that draw upon long-told Cherokee stories — of Deer Woman, fantastical sea creatures, and more.

Following one extended Cherokee family across the centuries, from the tribe’s homelands in Georgia in the 1830s to World War I, the Vietnam War, our own present, and well into the future, each story delivers a slice of a particular time period that will leave readers longing for more.

Alongside each story, Cherokee artist and language technologist Jeff Edwards delivers haunting illustrations that incorporate Cherokee syllabary.

But don’t just take it from us — award-winning writer of The Only Good Indians and Mongrels Stephen Graham Jones says that “Andrea Rogers writes like the house is on fire and her words are the only thing that can put it out.”

Man-Made Monsters is a masterful, heartfelt, haunting collection ripe for crossover appeal — just don’t blame us if you start hearing things that go bump in the night.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (61)

Night of the Witch* by Sara Raasch, Beth Revis

Their love could never be forbidden. Book one in the Witch and Hunter duology, an epic enemies to lovers fantasy romance fromNew York Timesbestselling authors Sara Raasch and Beth Revis.

Fritzi is a witch. The lone survivor of a brutal attack on her coven, she’s determined to find her only remaining family member and bring the hexenjägers―zealot witch hunters―to justice for the lives they ended. To do this, she will need to take down their leader, the merciless and enigmatic Kommandant Dieter Kirch.

Otto is a hexenjäger―but that’s just his cover. Years ago, the hexenjägers burned his innocent mother alive, and he has been plotting his revenge against the people who tore apart his family ever since. And now the time has come for them to pay for what they’ve done.

When Fritzi and Otto are unexpectedly thrown together, neither is sure they can trust the other. The reluctant truce fueled by their common enemy takes them from the city at the heart of the hexenjägers’ power to the wild and mysterious Black Forest. As old truths come to light and new dangers are revealed, Fritzi and Otto uncover a horrifying magical plot at the center of the hexenjäger attacks that leads back to Kommandant Kirch . . . but their own growing feelings for each other may be the most powerful magic of all.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (62)

No One Left But You by Tash McAdam

BEFORE. Newly out trans guy Max is having a hard time in school. Things have been tough since his summer romance, Danny, turned into his bully. This year, Max’s plan is to keep his head down and graduate. All that changes when new It Girl, Gloss, moves to town. No one understands why perfect, polished Gloss is so interested in an introverted skater kid, but Max blooms in the hothouse of her attention. Caught between romance and obsession, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her on his side.

AFTER. Haircuts, makeovers, drugs, parties. It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed at a rager gone terribly wrong. Max refuses to believe that Gloss did it. But if not Gloss, who? Desperate to figure out truth in the wake of tragedy, Max veers dangerously close to being implicated—and his own memories of that awful night are fuzzy. Both sharp-edged thriller and moving coming of age, this gorgeously wrought novel is perfect for readers who want stories with trans characters front and center.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (63)

Pride and Prejudice and Pittsburgh by Rachael Lippincott

What if you found a once-in-a-lifetime love…just not inyourlifetime?

Audrey Cameron has lost her spark. But after getting dumped by her first love and waitlisted at her dream art school all in one week, she has no intention of putting her heart on the line again to get it back. So when local curmudgeon Mr. Montgomery walks into her family’s Pittsburgh convenience store saying he can help her, Audrey doesn’t know what she’s expecting…but it’s definitely not that she’ll be transported back to 1812 to become a Regency romance heroine.

Lucy Sinclair isn’t expecting to find an oddly dressed girl claiming to be from two hundred years in the future on her family’s estate. But she has to admit it’s a welcome distraction from being courted by a man her father expects her to marry—who offers a future she couldn’t be less interested in. Not that anyone has cared about what or who she’s interested in since her mother died, taking Lucy’s spark with her.

While the two girls try to understand what’s happening and how to send Audrey home, their sparks make a comeback in a most unexpected way. Because as they both try over and over to fall for their suitors and the happily-ever-afters everyone expects of them, they find instead they don’t have to try at all to fall for each other.

But can a most unexpected love story survive even more impossible circ*mstances?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (64)

This Book Kills by Ravena Guron

I’ll make it clear from the start: I did not kill Hugh Henry Van Boren. I didn’t even help…Well, not intentionally.

All Jess Choudhary wants is to keep her head down, do her work, and make it through high school without any problems. As a scholarship student—and one of only two students of Indian heritage—her future at the elite school depends on her ability to keep a low profile and spotless record. But when one of the most popular and richest kids in the school ends up dead in the exact same way as a character in a short story she wrote, Jess unintentionally finds herself at the center of the investigation.

And then Jess receives an anonymous text thanking her for the inspiration. As rumors run rampant about who the murderer could be, Jess knows if she doesn’t solve this mystery herself, she’ll finally have something in common with Hugh: she’ll be dead too.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (65)

Spindle and Dagger by J. Anderson Coats

Wales, 1109. Three years ago, a warband raided Elen’s home, killing both her elder and baby sister. Elen survived sexual assault, and when she saw a chance to live, she took it. She healed the wound of the war band’s leader, Owain, and spun a lie: Owain ap Cadwgan, son of the king of Powys, cannot be killed, not by blade nor blow nor poison. He has the protection of Saint Elen, so long as he keeps her namesake near him and safe from harm.

Since then, Elen has had food, clothes, and a bed that she shares with the man who brought that warband to her door. But then Owain abducts Nest, the wife of a Norman lord, and her three children. War breaks out, and as her careful lies threaten to unravel, Elen looks to Nest and begins to imagine a different life—if she can decide, once and for all, where her loyalties lie. J. Anderson Coats’s evocative prose immerses the reader in a dark, affirming tale of power and survival.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (66)

We Could Be Something by Will Kostakis

Part coming-out story.

Part falling-in-love story.

Part falling-apart story.

Harvey’s dads are splitting up. It’s been on the cards for a while, but it’s still sudden. Woken-by-his-father-to-catch-a-red-eye sudden. Now he’s restarting his life in a new city, living above a cafe with the extended Greek family he barely knows.

Sotiris is a rising star. At seventeen, he’s already achieved his dream of publishing a novel. When his career falters, a cute, wise-cracking bookseller named Jem upends his world.

Harvey and Sotiris’s stories converge on the same street in Darlinghurst, in this beautifully heartfelt novel about how our dreams shape us, and what they cost us.

September 10

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (67)

Court of the Undying Seasons by A.M. Strickland

In becoming a vampire, I’m less than a girl. And more.

Or maybe I’m becoming what I always have been, deep inside.

A blade.

When nineteen-year-old Fin volunteers to take her secret love’s place in their village’s Finding, she is terrified. Those who are chosen at the Finding are whisked away to Castle Courtsheart, a vampire school where human students either succeed and become vampires, fail and spend the rest of their lives as human thralls…or they don’t survive long enough to become either.

Fin is determined to forge a different path: learn how to kill the undead and get revenge for her mother, who was taken by the vampires years ago. But Courtsheart is as captivating as it is deadly, and Fin is quickly swept up in her new world and its inhabitants – particularly Gavron, her handsome and hostile vampire maker, whose blood is nothing short of intoxicating. As Fin begins to discover new aspects of her own identity and test her newfound powers, she stumbles across a string of murders that may be connected to a larger ritual – one with potentially lethal consequences for vampires and humans alike. Fin must uncover the truth and find the killer before she loses her life…or betrays her own heart.

Court of the Undying Seasonsis a deliciously dark romantic novel and a pitch perfect modern take on classic vampire tropes.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (68)

Curses by Lish McBride

Merit Cravanrefused to fulfill her obligation to marry a prince, leading to a fairy godling’s curse. She will be forced to live as a beast forever, unless she agrees to marry a man of her mother’s choosing before her eighteenth birthday.

Tevin Dumonthas always been a pawn in his family’s cons. The prettiest boy in a big family, his job is to tempt naïve rich girls to abandon their engagements, unless their parents agree to pay him off. But after his mother runs afoul of the beast, she decides to trade Tevin for her own freedom.

Now, Tevin and Merit have agreed that he can pay off his mother’s debt by using his con-artist skills to help Merit find the best match . . . but what if the best match is Tevin himself?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (69)

The First Thing About You by Chaz Hayden

When fifteen-year-old Harris moves with his family from California to New Jersey, he’s determined to be known as more than just the kid in the powered wheelchair. Armed with his favorite getting-to-know-you question (“What’s your favorite color?”), he’ll weed out the greens and the purples—people who are too close to his own blue to make for good friends—and surround himself with outgoing yellows, adventurous oranges, and even thrilling reds. But first things first: he needs to find a new nurse, stat.

Enter Miranda, a young nursing student who graduated from Harris’s new high school. Beautiful, confident, and the perfect blend of orange and red, Miranda sees Harris for who he really is—funny, smart, and totally worthy of the affections of Nory Fischer, the cute girl from class. With Miranda at his side, Harris soon befriends geeky Zander (yellow) and even makes headway with Nory (who stubbornly refuses to reveal her favorite color). But Miranda is fighting her own demons, and Harris starts to wonder if she truly has his best interests at heart.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (70)

Into the Bright Open by Cherie Dimaline

Mary Lennox didn’t think about death until the day it knocked politely on her bedroom door and invited itself in. When a terrible accident leaves her orphaned at fifteen, she is sent to the wilderness of the Georgian Bay to live with an uncle she’s never met.

At first the impassive, calculating girl believes this new manor will be just like the one she left in Toronto: cold, isolating, and anything but cheerful, where staff is treated as staff andneverlike family. But as she slowly allows her heart to open like the first blooms of spring, Mary comes to find that this strange place and its strange people―most of whom are Indigenous―may be what she can finally call home.

Then one night Mary discovers Olive, her cousin who has been hidden away in an attic room for years due to a “nervous condition.” The girls become fast friends, and Mary wonders why this big-hearted girl is being kept out of sight and fed medicine that only makes her feel sicker. When Olive’s domineering stepmother returns to the manor, it soon becomes clear that something sinister is going on.

With the help of a charming, intoxicatingly vivacious Metis girl named Sophie, Mary begins digging further into family secrets both wonderful and horrifying to figure out how to free Olive. And some of the answers may lie within the walls of a hidden, overgrown and long-forgotten garden the girls stumble upon while wandering the wilds…

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (71)

Midnight at the Houdini by Delilah S. Dawson

Life has gone according to plan for Anna—she stays in the background, letting her sister, Emily, shine in the spotlight. But on Emily’s wedding night, Anna learns that her sister is moving away, abandoning her—and all their shared dreams. Devastated, Anna leaves the reception in the middle of a raging storm, taking shelter in a hotel she’s never seen before: the Houdini.

The Houdini is a hotel unlike any other, with sumptuous velvet couches, marble tiled floors, secret restaurants, winding passageways, and an undercurrent of magic in the air. And when Anna meets Max, who has lived his entire life inside its walls, she’s captivated. For the first time in her life, Anna is center stage, in a place that anticipates her every desire, with a boy who only has eyes for her.

But there’s a terrifying secret hidden in the Houdini. When the clock strikes midnight, Anna will be trapped there forever unless she can find a way to break free from its dreamlike magic. But will she be able to do it if it means leaving Max behind?

Enchanting, mysterious, and utterly fantastic,Midnight at the Houdiniwill cast its spell on you.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (72)

The Only Girl in Town by Ally Condie

What would you do if everyone you love disappeared? What if it was your fault?

For July Fielding, nothing has been the same since that summer before senior year.

Once, she had Alex, her loyal best friend, the one who always had her back. She had Sydney, who pushed her during every cross-country run, and who sometimes seemed to know July better than she knew herself. And she had Sam. Sam, who told her she was everything and left her breathless with his touch.

Now, July is alone. Every single person in her small town of Lithia has disappeared. No family. No Alex or Sydney. No Sam. July’s only chance at unraveling the mystery of their disappearance is a series of objects, each a reminder of the people she loved most. And a mysterious message: GET TH3M BACK.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (73)

Stateless by Elizabeth Wein

Twelve competitors. One prize. Many reasons to kill.

When Stella North is chosen to represent Britain in Europe’s first air race for young people, she knows all too well how high the stakes are. As the only participating female pilot, it’ll be a constant challenge to prove she’s a worthy competitor. But promoting peace in Europe, the goal of the race, feels empty to Stella when civil war is raging in Spain and the Nazis are gaining power—and when, right from the start, someone resorts to cutthroat sabotage to get ahead of the competition.

The world is looking for inspiration in what’s meant to be a friendly sporting event. But each of the racers is hiding a turbulent and violent past, and any one of them might be capable of murder—including Stella herself.

Agatha Christie meets Karen McManus in this thrilling mystery, packed with adventure, intrigue, love, and betrayal, from bestselling and award-winning author Elizabeth Wein.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (74)

There’s No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer

Seventeen-year-old Noelle Layne knows horror. Every trope, every warning sign, every survival tactic. She even leads a successful movie club dedicated to the genre. Who better to throw the ultimate, most exclusive Halloween party on all of Long Island?

With some of the top influencers in her school on the guest list, including gorgeous singer-songwriter Archer Mitchell, her popularity is bound to spike. She could really use the social boost for an upcoming brand expansion. Nothing is going to ruin this party.

Except…maybe the low budget It clown she hired for a stirring round of tag. He axes one of her classmates. From the looks of his devilish grin and bag full of killer tricks, he’s just getting started.

A murderous clown is out for blood, but Noelle has been waiting her entire life to prove that she’s a Final Girl.

September 17

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (75)

The Changing Man by Tomi Oyemakinde

In hidden rooms…from shadows of the night…his steps come soundless…his eyes glow bright…

Ife Adebola hasn’t been at Nithercott, her new prestigious boarding school, for long, but she’s already over the petty gossip, the silly lore of a being known as the Changing Man, and the classmates who won’t let her forget she’s in the Urban Achievers scholarship program. Bijal, another student in the program, is the only one trying to befriend her, but Ife doesn’t need new friends. After all, she’s perfectly happy with the ones at her old school.

As Ife settles in at Nithercott, she starts to notice strange mushrooms and an earthy yet unsettling smell that lingers on―and even off―campus. Then a classmate shows up dressed in a way that’s very unlike her, and hangs with girls she said she never would. And there are the whispers among the teachers. As things get weirder, Ife can’t help but wonder if there could actually be any truth to the decades-old lore of the mysterious Changing Man. Or if there’s any connection between him and the missing brother of her classmate Ben.

Needing answers, Ife has no choice but to team up with Ben and Bijal to investigate. But can the trio act quickly enough to uncover who―or worse, what―is behind the Changing Man, before they become

his next victims?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (76)

The Lake House by Sarah Beth Durst

Claire’s grown up triple-checking locks. Counting her steps. Second-guessing every decision. It’s just how she’s wired—her worst-case scenarios never actually come true.

Until she arrives at an off-the-grid summer camp to find a blackened, burned husk instead of a lodge—and no survivors, except her and two other late arrivals: Reyva and Mariana.

When the three girls find a dead body in the woods, they realize none of this is an accident. Someone, something,is hunting them. Something that hides in the shadows.

Something that refuses to let them leave.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (77)

The Next New Syrian Girl by Ream Shukairy

A Syrian American and Syrian refugee who are at odds must chase a haunting secret that leads them all the way to Jordan in this sharp-witted debut perfect for fans ofI Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.

Khadija Shamiis a Syrian American high school senior raised on boxing and football. Saddled with a monstrous ego and a fierce mother to test it, she dreams of escaping her sheltered life to travel the world with her best friend.

Leene Tahiris a Syrian refugee, doing her best to adjust to a new life while harboring a life-altering secret.

When their worlds collide the result is catastrophic. To Khadija, Leene embodies the tame, dutiful Syrian ideal she’s long rebelled against. And to Leene, Khadija is the strong-willed, closed-off American who makes her doubt her place in the world.

But as Khadija digs up Leene’s past, a heartbreaking secret and new discovery change everything. As the girls race to unravel the truth, a friendship slowly and hesitantly begins blooming. Doubts are cast aside as they realize they have more in common than they each expected. What they find takes them on a journey all the way to Jordan, changing the course of their lives as they know it.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (78)

Ryan and Avery by David Levithan

When a blue-haired boy (Ryan) meets a pink-haired boy (Avery) at a dance–a queer prom–both feel an inexplicable but powerful connection. Follow them through their first ten dates as they bridge their initial shyness and fall in love–through snowstorms, groundings, meeting parents (Avery’s) and not (Ryan’s), cast parties, heartbreak, and every day and date in between.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (79)

Shades of Rust and Ruin* by A. G. Howard

Phoenix “Nix” Loring knows her family is under a Halloween curse. When she was three, her parents tragically died on October 31st. Eleven years later, her twin sister Lark suffered a similar fate.

Ever since, Nix has battled survivor guilt. She can’t even find comfort in Clarey, Lark’s boyfriend and the one person who understands her pain, because Nix’s hidden feelings for him go far beyond friendship. All that remains are her sketches, where she finds solace among the goblins and faeries in her imaginary world of Mystiquel. When her depression starts affecting her ability to see color, Nix all but gives up on her art, until her uncle goes missing on Halloween day. Hot on his trail, Nix and Clarey step through a portal, becoming trapped inside a decaying version of their town filled with Nix’s own sketches come to life.

As Nix and Clarey search for her uncle within the sinister and dangerous world of Mystiquel, Nix discovers there’s more to her family curse and otherworldly artwork than she ever imagined—and unless she can solve the Goblin King’s maze before the clock strikes midnight, her life won’t be the only one the curse claims next.

Set in a gritty, atmospheric world filled with magical creatures,New York Timesbestselling author A.G. Howard launches a thrilling new fantasy full of romance, twists, and betrayals.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (80)

When Ghosts Call Us Home by Katya de Becerra

When Sophia Galich was twelve, she starred in her older sister Layla’s amateur horror movie Vermillion, which recorded raw footage of her very real reactions to scenes her sister concocted in their old Californian house on the coast―Cashore House.

In the years after the film’s release, Sophia’s relationship with her sister became more strained, while her memories of the now-infamous house fueled her nightmares. Vermillion amassed an army of fanatical fans who speculated about the film’s hidden messages, and it was rumored that Layla made a pact with the devil―her soul in exchange for fame and arcane knowledge. Sophia dismissed this as gossip…until Layla disappeared.

Now, Sophia must study the trail of clues Layla has left behind, returning to the very place where it all began. As she gets closer and closer to Cashore House’s haunted heart, she must once again confront the ghosts of her childhood. But the house won’t reveal its secrets without a fight.

September 24

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (81)

Be That Way by Hope Larson

Seventeen-year-old Christine keeps a journal of an eventful year in her life in mid-90s, while juggling troubled friendships and looking for love.

It’s January 1, 1996, and high school junior Christine wants more than anything to be that cool girl everyone notices, like her gorgeous best friend, Landry. She usually hates New Year’s resolutions, but this year she vows to be that shiny kind of girl—and record it all in her diary through prose, illustration, and comics.

When Landry drops her, Christine is surprised to discover just how much she doesn’t miss her and her drama. But a misguided kiss with film-obsessed Paul, her only other close friend, also causes a rift, and she finds herself facing a long, lonely summer.

With nothing to lose, Christine finds a new sense of courage. She gets a job at her neighborhood video store, experiments with her art, and becomes romantically entangled with her next-door neighbor Whit, who’s either the coolest guy ever or a total jerk. In spite of all this, she doesn’t quite feel shiny—until a shocking betrayal shows her the value of the words and drawings she hides in her diary, and she finally understands that she doesn’t need to be cool to be noticed—she only needs to be herself.

Eisner-award winning author and illustrator, Hope Larson, has created a powerful coming-of-age story set in a time before the Internet that explores themes of betrayal, first love, self-expression, and the power of art.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (82)

Bittersweet in the Hollow by Kate Pearsall

In rural Caball Hollow, surrounded by the vast National Forest, the James women serve up more than fried green tomatoes at the Harvest Moon diner, where the family recipes are not the only secrets.

Like her sisters, Linden was born with an unusual ability. She can taste what others are feeling, but this so-calledgiftsoured her relationship with the vexingly attractive Cole Spencer one fateful night a year ago . . . A night when Linden vanished into the depths of the Forest and returned with no memories of what happened, just a litany of questions—and a haze of nightmares that suggest there’s more to her story than simply getting lost.

Now, during the hottest summer on record,another girl in town is gone, and the similarities to last year’s events are striking. Except, this time the missing girl doesn’t make it home, and when her body is discovered, the scene unmistakably spells murder.

As tempers boil over, Linden enlists the help of her sisters to find what’s hiding in the forest . . . before it finds her. But as she starts digging for truth—about the Moth-Winged Man rumored to haunt the Hollow, about her bitter rift with Cole, and even about her family—she must question if some secrets are best left buried.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (83)

This Dark Descent* by Kalyn Josephson

Every ten years, the citizens of Veradell gather for the Illinir, a treacherous horse race famous for its alluring prize money and high body count. Tough-as-nails Mikira Rusel, the last in a line of renowned horse breeders, is desperate to win this year’s race at any cost. But to make it to the track, she’ll need to gather new friends and escape the crosshairs of old foes . . .

A beautiful rogue enchanter with a hidden past just beginning to come into her true power.

A dashing and ambitious young lord in the midst of a fierce succession battle.

A brilliant, prickly loner loyal only to his friends, and his lovable but mysterious pet cat.

A ruthless aristocrat determined to protect his family’s prestige — and unrivaled power.

Each one has their own vengeful secrets to protect and reasons to help — or hinder — Mikira’s odds of winning the Illinir. And in a world as dangerous as this, who among them will be left standing at the finish line?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (84)

Salt The Water by Candice Iloh

Cerulean Gene is free everywhere except school, where they’re known for repeatedly challenging authority. Raised in a free-spirited home by two loving parents who encourage Cerulean to be their full self, they’ve got big dreams of moving cross-country to live off the grid with their friends after graduation. But a fight with a teacher spirals out of control, and Cerulean impulsively drops out to avoid the punishment they fear is coming. Why wait for graduation to leave an oppressive capitalist system and live their dreams?

Cerulean is truly brilliant, but their sheltered upbringing hasn’t prepared them for the consequences of their choice — especially not when it’s compounded by a family emergency that puts a parent out of work. Suddenly the money they’d been stacking with their friends is a resource that the family needs to stay afloat.

Salt the Wateris a book about dreaming in a world that has other plans for your time, your youth, and your future. It asks, what does it look like when a bunch of queer Black kidsare allowed todream? And what does it look like for them to confront the present circ*mstances of the people they love while still pursuing a wildly different future of theirown?

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (85)

Signed Sealed Dead by Cynthia Murphy

When true-Crime obsessed Paige, along with her family, move across the Atlantic to her father’s eerie hometown, it’s not long before she uncovers the town’s dark history—a string of unsolved murders and disappearances in the 90s.

Soon after, notes start appearing at their home, about the secrets the old house is keeping. The clues lead Paige to a diary concealed in the walls that belonged to one of the missing girls.

Could this be the key to solving a quarter-of-a-century mystery…or will the diary make Paige the next target?

^Even the “cheaper” option for buying books is becoming untenable for so many, especially teenagers (and if your first response to that is “they can use the library,” let me direct you to how this increase in prices in conjunction with the increase in book bans at school and public librariesdoesn’t give this option). That said, it is not the fault of the author for price increases, and thus, it’s still important to highlight and champion these books.

Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (86)Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (87)Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (88)

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Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (95)Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (96)Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (97)Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (98)Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (99)

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Summer 2024 YA Paperbacks Are The Perfect Beach Bag Companion (2024)
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