Stats - Corruption of Champions II (2024)


  • 1 Basic Statistics
    • 1.1 Leveling up
    • 1.2 Attributes
    • 1.3 Offensive Statistics
    • 1.4 Attack Avoidance
    • 1.5 Damage Reduction
    • 1.6 Other Statistics
    • 1.7 Sexual Statistics
    • 1.8 Starting Bonuses

Basic statistics are where your actual combat-ready statistics are derived from. They cannot come from any source other than level-ups and permanent transformations.

The amount of experience shown until the next level. The bar will flash slowly when full, indicating that the Champion can level up after resting.Health serves as one of two durability stats when combat is involved. Health is reduced by physical and magical attacks in addition to some events that may occur that affect Health. Health is further increased by increasing associated attributes.Resolve serves as the second durability stat, serving as 'sanity' when facing off against horrifying or sexy things. Resolve is reduced by Lust and Mental attacks, including some events that may reduce it. Unlike Health, however, Resolve does not increase by improving a specific attribute, it is merely the resistance to such attacks that can be improved.Listed here are effects that affect the current character, these effects include both positive and negative status'. For more info see Boons, Status Effects and Combat Effects.Threat is the amount of attention you attract when facing enemies in combat. The higher the threat, the more likely the person is to be targeted. See Threat for more detail.

NOTE: RESOLVE has been removed from the game in patch 0.5.0. Any power or effect that would increase or decrease Resolve now applies to Health.

Leveling up

Your maximum life is increased by +25. You can choose three of your attributes to increase by +3, the others will increase by +1. Depending on the new level and class, a corresponding Power can be learned for free, while the remaining ones would have to be learned from associated trainers.
(Note: if your race changes from your original race you will lose access to your races favored attributes if your background and class don't also have them.)


Attributes serve as the main stats that can be permanently increased through leveling or temporarily increased through consuming certain items or encountering events. Each point put into an attribute will continuously add to its effects.

Attack Power +3
Armor +1
Penetration +1
Accuracy +2
Evasion +1
Initiative +0.5
Health +5
Physical Resistance +1
Critical Chance +1%
Critical Effectivess +3
Ward +1
Magical Resistance +1
Spellpower +3
Focus +1
Mental Resistance +1
Health +2
Sexiness +1
Leadership +2

Offensive Statistics

Attack PowerSpellpowerSexinessAccuracy
Increases the damage of physical attacks you deal. Treated as a percentage increase.Increases the damage or healing factor of your spells. Treated as a percentage increase.Increases the Accuracy and Damage of your Tease attacks.Increases the chance to hit for all attacks, including weapons, spells, and Tease attempts. Every point of Accuracy increases your chance to hit or crit by 1%. Accuracy provided by weapons only applies to attacks made specifically with that weapon. Weapons with the Catalyst tag also apply their Accuracy to spellcasting.
InitiativePenetrationCritical ChanceCritical Effectiveness
How fast characters act in combat. Your Initiative is added to a random 1-20 number at the start of each round of combat, characters with higher scores act before those with lower ones. Wearing Heavy armor imposes a -5 Initiative penalty.Bypasses enemy damage reduction. Each point of Penetration reduces the relevant DR stat by 1 on a successful hit.

Specific gear can increase Penetration's sub-categories: Armor Penetration, Spell Penetration, and Temptation (for physical, magical, and lustful attacks, respectively).

A percentage chance to upgrade normal hits to Critical Hits. Critical Chance provided by weapons only applies to attacks made specifically with that weapon. Weapons with the Catalyst tag also apply their Critical Chance to spellcasting.Increases the Damage or Healing Factor of all your critical hits. Treated as a percentage increase.

Attack Avoidance

Characters have four means of avoiding the effects of an attack. Avoidance is subtracted from the attacker's accuracy before calculating the hit. Avoidance is capped at 100.

An attack hits if rand(100) + 1 + accuracy - avoidance > 15.So an attack with no additional accuracy and no avoidance from the enemy has 85% chance to hit.

If that value is greater than 120, the attack will always be a critical hit, even if critical chance is 0.

EvasionPhysical ResistanceMagical ResistanceMental Resistance
Counters weapon attacks and area-of-effect abilities, like fireballsCounters bodily attacks like tackles, charges, knockdowns, disarms, and poisons.Counters most direct magic attacks.Counters Tease attacks and many psychic or psychological abilities.

Damage Reduction

Your attributes and worn equipment contribute to the Armor, Warding, and Focus stats, which decrease damage done from physical, magical, and mental/tease attacks respectively.

Armor, Warding and Focus are reduced by Armor Penetration, Spell Penetration and Temptation respectively.

The damage reduction is calculated with the following formula: 100 / (100 + defense - penetration). (defense - penetration can never go below 0, so damage can never be amplified by using penetration).

For example a character with 100 Armor and an attack with no Armor Penetration will receive half damage from Physical attacks. This type of damage reduction has no cap, but has diminishing returns and it will take an infinite amount of defense to reach 100% reduction.

Finally Elemental Resistances are applied to any remaining damage, they behave as a percentage reduction.

Decreases Physical damage.Decreases Magical damage.Decreases Mental and Tease damage.

Other Statistics

Increases the efficacy of your companions. All companions gain a bonus to their Attack Power and Spellpower equal to your Leadership. Summoned creatures use your Leadership to determine how powerful they are.Libido below 20 increases Lust resistance, libido above 35 increases Sexiness but decreases Lust resistance, libido above 70 decreases Lust resistance.High Corruption makes libido increase at a faster rate. Can change the interaction with certain NPCs.
See Corruption for more details.

Sexual Statistics

Is the base stat from which Fertility and Virility are derived.Determines the chance to be impregnated.Determines the chance to impregnate.

See Pregnancies for more details.

Starting Bonuses

Items in the class row reflect the primary attribute while the other categories provide an additional point for said attribute.

RaceCatfolk-HumansLupinesOrcsWyld Elves
ClassThief-Charmer-WarriorBlack Mage
White Mage
Slum Rat
ScholarNoble Scion
Stats - Corruption of Champions II (2024)
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