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May 16, 2019
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Afier said:

Except that my words are not a hypothetical situation, but the result of my experience playing as the Black Mage.
When I mentioned a fight lasting two or three rounds, I didn’t speak figuratively, but I meant exactly that even boss fights (when you know what and why you are doing) often last exactly two or three rounds.

Crowd control is great [...] it utility is marginal in boss fights

1. Most of the time you fight regular opponents, not bosses.
2. It depends on the boss.
So, for example, did you know that the Faceless Blade will become much weaker if you successfully stun her?

Next, you can remember the fight with Queen Alyssa, where you better take care of her retinue in time before this retinue starts to act (Imp Jester with his AoE silence is especially annoying).

3. The Banishment you mentioned is also a variant of crowd control. It's not that I use this Ultimate very often, however, I can't even remember the last time I had to do it...

the reality is the PC almost never targeted

Well, it looks like our approach to combat is completely different.
You seem to be trying to wear down your enemies.
I, on the other hand (especially if I adjust my build for the next boss, my above mentioned power set is more of a default and versalite than a mandatory and unchanged one) constantly deal so much damage that my tank screams "Slow down! I can't work with this Threat Level!":

as the summon of choice is Flame Knight

Frankly, I find this summon's name misleading. I would say that this is more of a damage dealer than a tank, and not the best. If I had to choose between Flame Knight and Flame Dancer, I would rather choose the latter than the former.

Pyro Brienne gains a flat 40% increased threat

I think it's 25%, not 40%. Also, for my tank, even the Attention Graber perk (doubling the Threat Level) did not always help keep his threat level higher than mine.

first three rounds of battle

Our approach to combat is DEFINITELY different, for me the fight usually ends on the third round, the exception is usually the result of using "experimental" builds or a lot of bad luck or a combination of the two.

I don't have any agility

If my memory serves me right, then Accuracy is important even for spells.
Also, high initiative allows you to relatively consistently act before your allies, which is important when you want to buff allies (this is the main reason that after gaining Dawnbreak I started using this instead of Arc cannon in round 2) or debuff enemies (Grease, for example, to make Brienne use Fireball more effectively). Or you just don't want Blessing to affect your "odd" move (won't give you much when you're about to use Grease. On the other hand, it's useful when you're about to attack enemies with a Fireball...). Yes, you can just cast Bless a turn later... if Lord Random is merciful to you and doesn't force Rin to act after you instead of before you, as it did in the round you cast Grease.
And in general, I prefer not to give the enemy more time, but to take the initiative in battle, make them react to my actions instead of accepting as a disadvantage the need to react to their actions...

So losing [...] in exchange for no benefit isn't "keeping a balance between stats".

Well, I wouldn't call your situation a decent balance between stats. Although, of course, everyone decides for themselves what stats they are comfortable playing with... personally, I prefer to be a "No heavy equipment" AoE damage dealer and have Queen Etheryn in the party (initiative +10 as a rest bonus, by the way) plus someone else (depending on the situation)...

I'm not redoing Dracia

For me personally, there were only two problems in the entire dungeon:
1. Copy ALL possible enemy attacks without missing a single one (I swear I had to wait ages before that damn golem decided to hit me with Searing Arc...).
2. Defeat Grungendyr (the fight was very long due to the fact that my party's damage was mostly physical with a small amount of frost and storm), I entered the battle without hesitation and only then realized that I should have changed my power set...

A1teros said:

Very heavy on single target damage, since that's a role that I feel most teammates can't fill.

In my opinion, among the companions there are characters with very decent single target damage, but I would not name a single character that would have a really powerful AoE that could compete with the player's AoE...

P.S. What is your tactic? Dawn Break + Primal Scar + Power Wave? In the case of Alissa Assassinate instead of Power Wave?

Share your favorite builds! (2024)
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