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Sunday Brunch | Happy Returns, Where’s Waldo, Not So Fast My Friend
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 10, 2023

It was a busy week last week in Sooner Nation, so I figured we would start off this week with a bit of a buffet for the Sunday Brunch which covers a bit of last week and a taste of what’s to come.

The Sooners scored one of their biggest ‘keeps’ in a long time this week in regard to an underclassman with real draft stock staving off the NFL for another year as safety Billy Bowman announced his return to the program for the 2024 season. This is the kind of thing that has not really happened in Norman since Sam Bradford stayed in school for an extra year.

Having Bowman back to anchor the secondary for the Sooners as they head to the SEC in ‘24 is invaluable. He will bring leadership, proven play-making ability, and a hunger to improve on a year where he very well should have been considered for the Jim Thorpe Award which is awarded to the top defensive back in college football each year.

On the topic of returning…

Look, the hottest topic on everyone’s mind is ‘What will Danny Stutsman do?’. I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but I can’t, because for all the digging we have done here at TFB, we are not able to state conclusively that he will return or he won’t return.

Last week, SoonerScoop published a report that indicated Danny informed the coaches that he was leaving the program, he was not playing in the bowl game, and he was going to the NFL. After that report was published, we attempted to confirm the information independently. So far, we have been unable to do that.

We were in touch with our sources in the days following the report and one particular source in the building seemed surprised by the information. Source told us that they had not heard the information and they were unaware that Danny supposedly informed the staff that he was leaving for the league. Throughout the rest of the week, we continued to hear things like ‘No decision has been made’ and ‘Not sure what he is going to do’. So we left the report as is and never confirmed it or debunked it.

Well, it’s Sunday morning…where’s Wal…er…I mean Danny? Over the course of the last two days I have been picking up some loose ends and trying to tie them together. Right now, I am not ready to say definitively that I think Danny Stutsman will be returning to college, but my gut instinct is screaming at me that he will. Based on some sourcing, common sense, and some tips from some in the community, it sure does appear to me that Danny has not yet made a final call and the further we get away from that report, the more my feeling is that he will return.

We will see, I could be off, but the lack of us (TFB) being able to get something definitive on either side of the coin, tells me Danny has not closed the door on a return and Billy coming back and the reception he received was likely noticed by Danny who loves the University with his whole heart. Again, my gut is what is leading me to where I am at. Until he announces, one way or the other or we get something definitive, I’m leaning toward him returning.

(Obviously, after this was written on Sunday, Stutsman announced his return on Monday)

One last morsel before we clean up the brunch table…

Tracking the transfer portal is always fun. We told you that Oklahoma was going to be doing work in the portal and we noted that the offensive line was going to be an area of focus. The Sooners landed one portal player this week and that was Michigan State offensive tackle Spencer Brown. Coach B is off to a good start in replacing some numbers in his room that officially lost Andrew Raym and Tyler Guyton to the NFL as they passed up on using their remaining collegiate eligibility.

Coach Bedenbaugh is about to put another early draft pick into the league in Tyler Guyton. He could add a couple other guys to his resume should Walter Rouse and Andrew Raym be drafted. This follows a year where he sent Anton Harrison to the NFL in the first round and Wanya Morris to the league in the third round.

Yesterday, a comparison was brought up between OU’s coach Bedenbaugh and Michigan’s fourth-year OL coach Sherrone Moore.

Moore| NFL Draft Choices by year over his first 3 seasons – 4 total draft choices

(2) 2023 5th & 7th
(1) 2022 7th
(1) 2021 3rd

Bedenbaugh| NFL Draft Choices by year over his last 3 seasons – 4 total draft choices

(2) 2023 1st & 3rd
(1) 2022 7th
(1) 2021 2nd

7 other draft choices prior to the last 3 years.

Sherrone Moore is a heckuva coach, but for those singing his praises and elevating him to the thrown…as Lee Corso would say ‘Not so fast my friend’. Bedenbaugh still outpaces him in NFL draft production and he likely will add more to his lengthy list this April.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Keeps Can Be More Significant Than Adds
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 11, 2023

The Sooners received their second ‘keep’ of the offseason when Danny Stutsman joined Billy Bowman in putting off his NFL aspirations for one more year.

I am here to tell you that Brent Venables will take ‘Keeps’ from his own program that he really wants over ‘Adds’ from the transfer portal every day of the week.

In each of these cases, Venables brings back the heart of his defense as he gets leaders at the second and third level of his defense and you know that means the world to him as not only is he the head coach, but he is also the defensive architect of the Sooners.

Veables runs a complicated scheme so the transfer portal is an area where OU only wants to dabble in defensively and they would rather not partake in it at all in regard to the linebacker and safety positions. It is a lot easier to bring in a defensive lineman or a corner to this scheme, but linebackers/safeties/and cheetahs will have a steep learning curve to attack if they transfer in.

‘Keeping’ two All-American type players on the defensive side of the ball is an outstanding development as Oklahoma heads to the SEC next season. It certainly will help the rest of the defense make the transition more smooth.

We will dive deeper into the impact of having Bowman and Stutsman returning, but without a doubt…

Open Post | Weekend, December 15th - 17th - The Football Brainiacs - OU Edition (1)

Business Costs and Player Retention
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 12, 2023

Last year there was a lot of hubbub about OU having their NIL up and running and well fortified. We were not confident in saying that would have been the accurate way to describe the situation at that time.

We have never implied that OU does not have money, they do, and lots of it, but it was not an efficient system.

This year, it is clear that things on that front have improved and been streamlined, at least in the retention of players as the Sooners were able to hold onto two defensive draft picks who could easily have left in Bowman and Stutsman.

Thats a good thing and certainly a ‘pro’ for the program.

However, there is also somewhat of a downside to the situation as some guys on the team see OU go above and beyond for a couple guys and they start thinking…’maybe there is more for me out there, whether it is here or elsewhere’.

OU stepping up to retain Stutsman and Bowman was not lost on guys in the locker room, and there appears to be a player or two who are thinking about opening up ‘negotiations’ if you will.

It’s the cost of doing business in this day and age, but just wanted to keep you in the loop that there are still a couple guys we are keeping our eye on following the bowl game in regard to potentially hitting the portal if their negotiations don’t seem to be tracking the way they were hoping.

The Latest | Dominick McKinley
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 12, 2023

I know ’24 DL Dom McKinley is a guy who is a hot topic on social media and many in the community have asked about where OU stands in this one.

I’m going to cut to the chase…don’t do it to yourselves at this point.

The fanbase (except those who followed along here at TFB) went through the ups and downs elsewhere during the lead-up to McKinley’s commitment this summer. McKinley committed to Texas A&M on September 1st and while the Sooners were involved, as we mentioned at the time, they were not the runners-up in that race and they finished 3rd or 4th (we believe 4th behind Aggie, Texas and LSU).

Now, with the shakeup of the coaching staff at Texas A&M, there is some speculation that McKinley is a guy who could be back in play. As a matter of fact, McKinley is entertaining numerous other programs (including OU) and allowing them to go in home with him and his family.

Tennessee was in last night, Syracuse, Texas, and LSU along with OU, will all make in-home visits this week. Teams are trying to get him on campus this coming weekend, but so far we have not heard he has locked in a visit.

He also officially visited Texas A&M last week under the new staff.

The bottom line is, OU is still recruiting McKinley, but nothing has significantly changed in regard to the dynamics of this recruitment and the driving forces behind it.

Oh, he also may be waiting to sign until February. I do not believe that is set in stone, but that is something that may come into play.

So right now, there is not a lot of extra ‘there’ there between OU and McKinley. OU is one of many that are still recruiting him. Currently, we do not believe they are in any better of a position for him than they were at the time of his commitment.

Could that change? Sure. Time will tell and it’s a good thing to keep recruiting him until the ink dries on the paper.

Quick-Update | Princely Umanmielen
– Super K – Posted on: December 12, 2023

Spoke to a source close to Florida transfer DE, Princely Umanmielen. As you know, the Sooners went to visit with Princely last week and in his high school recruitment, Princely visited OU a number of times.

However, I think we can put this one to sleep.

Source tells me that OU and Texas are both likely out for Princely. He seems to be focused on Ole Miss and UGA. Tennessee is still trying but am told they are having a tough go of it with him, as well.

DE isn’t a huge position of need given the talent the Sooners have.

Portal Perspective | Breathe
– Super K – Posted on: December 12, 2023

Some of the Sooner faithful are in meltdown mode so let me offer a few points of perspective here…

***First, despite the changes with transfers and NIL the past couple years, the best teams are still the best teams. Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, etc.

And as for the Sooners, they had the 6-7 year. But given what’s happened at USC, I think most can agree that even our assessment about how many foundational issues Lincoln left in the program didn’t capture just had bad it was.

Brent went 10-2 this year. Beat Texas. And lost two games by single score, mostly, I’d argue because the OC had one foot out the door.

So, the Sooners are doing just fine and are back on the right path.

***Second, this week, the Sooners kept two key players on defense and added a weapon on offense. Lots of good news. Don’t let the Caden Green news overshadow all that.

***Third, you have to understand why the good teams are going to stay good teams. It’s because coaching, administration and personnel management still matters and perhaps more so in this time.

How so?

Some teams will use the portal too much not recognizing that your best players and the foundation of your team is still going to be high school kids. Some teams won’t use enough. Some teams won’t evaluate the portal guys well enough.

But perhaps most importantly, some teams won’t know how to manage their player’s demands…

You may have a player who is worth 200K but to one particular team, he’s worth 1 million. So, he gets an offer for a million. That team is adding a problem and if you’re not careful, in trying to keep that player, you may be adding a problem.

Here’s how…

For those saying, just pay to keep a kid, the other kids on the team find out. If you allow a kid to hold you hostage for an amount that goes outside of your structured pay, you’re going to throw the whole structure off.

So, if you capitulate and hand over the million dollars or whatever just because one other team is offering that, then everyone you’ve got deals with in the program is going to up their ask.

And the team offering the million dollars is going to learn a hard lesson (it’s usually going to be teams with no tradition and have never historically known how to run a program that will do these silly things btw). Because, while they’re getting what they want, they’re also bringing in the headache of now their current players wondering why a transfer player is getting way more than them.

You can’t be held hostage by one or two players. This is why, even Texas who has more money than anyone, doesn’t get everyone.

They understand that you can’t outbid everyone for everyone even on your own roster.

***If you have good coaches and a good administration, this is just one other challenge that everyone’s dealing with that in the end will allow the better teams to demonstrate they are better.

***The Sooners just had a first and third round OL last season, coach B and the staff will get it figured out and the Sooners will continue, like they always do to have good offensive line play.

Which one of y’all was scared that Texas’ DL (which is great under Bo Davis) was going to do to OU’s OL what they did to everyone else including Alabama’s OL?

Yeah, relax.

***Again, as long as you have a good administration and good coaches, you’re going to be successful. The teams that don’t will step into every trap this current iteration of football offers. OU is one of the good teams with good leadership and if Brent sees he has a coaching problem at any point, he’s going to replace said person.

But OU’s admin and coaching staff isn’t, thankfully, going to react emotionally to ever single player.

And let me just prepare you. There are other guys who are asking for a lot and the Sooners are managing it but again, you have work within a framework and not let two or three players drive up the entire cost of doing business and risk creating cultural issues or resentment in the locker room.

Chris McClellan | The Latest
– Super K – Posted on: December 13, 2023

As you know, the Sooners are in pursuit of Florida DL transfer Chris McClellan.

I am told that the Sooners are expected to go in-home with McClellan this week. I believe it is scheduled to happen tomorrow.

Also, it sounds like, as of now he’s likely to stay in this region. Outside of Oklahoma, I’m told he’s considering Missouri and Colorado.

I don’t have a trending number on this one yet but I still like the Sooners here. I’ll perhaps put a number to it after the visit.

OU is pushing hard. They like the young guys they have coming in but McClellan has some good SEC experience. He has prototypical size at 6’3+ 320 lbs. And I think based on what we saw Schmitty and Bates do to the DL from year one to year two, could see big jump from Chris going into his year three.

Wrapping up on the Cayden Green Story and More on NIL
– Super K – Posted on: December 13, 2023

A few things I want to mention to close up this Cayden Green story…

***First, I know the word going around is that he’s likely headed to Missouri. I don’t know for certain but I have my doubts. I know coach B and the Missouri OL coach are very very close and there is a lot of mutual respect between the two.

So, if Cayden did end up there then that would only happen if there was no tampering and it’s hard to imagine there wasn’t at least a little in this case.

***I’ll tell you who to watch in some of these out of blue situations that aren’t just going to impact OU but potentially other SEC teams. Watch for the Big 10 teams.

I won’t say too much but I can tell you, a support staffer at a Big 10 team recently reached out to someone I’m very close to and basically asked said person to help them tamper and mentioned how much money they have to work with. My friend, said no but it demonstrated to me how aggressive some programs are getting.

***I do think this situation was more of a one off. Why? Because OU has money and they are paying the guys they feel they need to pay. Deion Burks wasn’t cheap. I won’t divulge how much I was told he got but it’s big boy money.

***There may be some others who hop in the portal and they might be good players but it will likely be a case where OU decided not to pay any additional money as they feel they can better utilize that money elsewhere. Cayden wasn’t a case like that but as I said, I think Cayden was an anomaly.

***The part that most folks missed in the hoopla yesterday was that the Burks commitment wasn’t just good for OU’s team, perhaps more importantly, it indicated that OU has money now and they’re spending it where they deem necessary. As I said, that one cost OU Texas size booster money.

The Latest | Franklin & Mukuba
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 13, 2023

Couple quick notes here…

***The Sooners have been hosting UT Martin running back Sam Franklin for a visit over the last 24 hours. As I mentioned at the time of his offer, he was one to watch. Source tells me things have gone very well as expected and OU is in a very good spot with Franklin.

(Obviously, Franklin wound up committing to Oklahoma)

***On Clemson safety Andrew Mukuba, source close to Mukuba indicates that they do not expect him to visit OU as he was planning on this week. The dynamics of the OU safety room changed dramatically with the return of Billy Bowman.

Weekend Portal Visitors
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 14, 2023

The Sooners are set to host a handful of portal targets and commits this weekend.

Below you will find a list of guys that OU is expecting to be in town.

As always, the list can change and some guys could show up in Norman that we have not confirmed at this time (think Preston Hodge as an example).

RB – Sam Franklin – UT Martin – OU Commit
WR – Deion Burks – Purdue – OU Commit
OL – Spencer Brown – Michigan State – OU Commit
OL – Geno VanDerMark – Michigan State
OL – Febechi Nwaiwu – North Texas
TE – Bauer Sharp – Southeastern Louisiana

I will post an updated Portal Offer List later on and our thoughts on where OU is at with each position group.

OU Portal Offers | Commits | Outlook
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 14, 2023

Start with the known offers OU has extended to players currently in the Portal and their status:

RB Mario Anderson – South Carolina – No longer visiting
RB Sam Franklin – UT Martin – OU Commit
WR Deion Burks – Purdue – OU Commit
TE Jalin Conyers – Arizona State – Committed to Texas Tech
TE Holden Staes – Notre Dame – No visit set
TE Bauer Sharp – Southeastern Louisiana – Visiting 12/16
OL Spencer Brown – Michigan State – OU Commit
OL Febechi Nwaiwu – North Texas – Visiting 12/16
OL Geno VanDeMark – Michigan State – Visiting 12/16
DL Chris McClellan – Florida – Had an in home with OU
LB Chris Paul Jr – Arkansas – Committed to Ole Miss
CB Dezjhon Malone – San Diego State – OU Commit
CB Jermod McCoy – Oregon State – No Visit Set

***These are simply the known offers OU has extended. I am positive there are additional offers out there, just not aware of them.

Position needs/Outlook from Portal:

QB: No offers extended yet, monitoring Casey Thompson down the line.

RB: OU needed one running back, got the one they wanted in Sam Franklin. Running back is complete for now.

WR: As we mentioned before the portal opened, OU was going to be very picky and they got one of the best WRs in the portal in Deion Burks.

TE: OU needs at least one this portal cycle, they passed on Jalin Conyers (after a brief pursuit), threw their hat in the ring for ND TE Holdon Staes, and are set to host Bauer Sharp from Southeastern Louisianna this weekend.

OL: Needed 3 prior to Cayden Green entering, now they may need 4 (we will see). Spencer Brown (MSU) committed without visiting, OU is hosting VanDerMark (MSU) and Nwaiwu (UNT) this weekend. Pearson Toomey (Furman) is a name to keep an eye on and Ou has had contact with Chase Bisontis (A&M) but he has a long list of suitors.

DL: Chris McClellan was a name we talked about weeks before the portal opened and OU has engaged with him, He is taking visits (Missouri and Colorado) and OU still feels like they are in good shape here, but you never know. Other than that, OU has not publicly engaged with any known portal DL.

EDGE: As we stated prior to the portal opening, OU will be very picky here and they flirted with Trey Moore (UTSA) and Princely Umanmielen (Florida) but right now they are standing pat. We will see if they pursue any additional EDGE this cycle of the portal, but my guess is they wait till spring.

LB: OU offered Pooh Paul prior to Danny Stutsman coming back, but at this time, I would expect OU to no longer chase any linebackers. See if there is attrition and backfill in the spring if need be.

S: OU could have been a major player for Andrew Mukuba (Clemson) but once Billy Bowman announced his return, OU pulled out of the safety market.

CB: Oklahoma went into the portal cycle looking for a stud corner. They landed Dez Malone from San Diego and he was a priority for Jay Valai. Now, they appear to be looking for another corner as they offered Jermod McCoy (Oregon State) and we know they are in contact with Preston Hodge (Liberty). I like a potential addition of McCoy or Hodge as they are sticky cover guys while Malone is a bigger less twitchy guy who can fit nicely into the zone scheme. I’m all for adding one of the cover guys.

Special Teams: OU has not offered any kickers that I am aware of at this time, but I must admit, I really have not paid much attention to that at this point.

Now What?
– JY – Posted on: December 14, 2023

Hey gang, sorry I’ve been a little awol the last week or so. For my full time gig, I had to go to Atlanta all last week, and didn’t really have a lot of free time to write about anything. Leading up to that point, I believed Cayden Green was going to be a fixture on the O line and in two more years possibly be a high round draft pick. Personally I don’t have any more information than you all about what transpired with his situation, but if the rumors are true, its kind of sad that someone can’t wait two years if Oklahoma truly was where he wanted to be. At any rate it’s water under the bridge now, so where do we go from here?

Coach Bedenbaugh’s offensive line room isn’t devoid of talent. I admit I jumped the gun when I put out my way too early offensive line projection here a couple of weeks ago. Since that post, Nate Anderson, Cayden Green & Savion Byrd have hit the portal, while Tyler Guyton & Andrew Raym have decided to try their luck in the NFL Draft. In spite of all that, there is a lot of talent in the Offensive line room with more on the way through portal additions and high school signees.

I wanted to write something up to let you know what my thoughts are about the complete meltdown that has been the OU Twitterverse as well as various messageboards throughout Sooner Nation. Admittedly, when the news broke earlier this week I was pissed, sick to my stomach and a myriad of other emotions that are kind of hard to describe. I live in the Kansas City area, so having an O lineman from up my way was kind of cool. Quietly I take a lot of pride when Oklahoma can swoop in up here and steal prospects from other programs. Especially the Kansas schools and Mizzou. I hate em all. While losing a guy like Cayden Green is a huge loss, I think the Sooners will be o.k. Here’s why…

The Sooners still have:

  1. Jacob Sexton–Likely will start at one of the tackle spots come fall
  2. Spencer Brown–Key pickup who will likely will start opposite Sexton.
  3. Jake Taylor–Will play somewhere in the starting lineup. He has played some guard and depending on how coach B lines it up, he could be back at Guard this fall.
  4. Troy Everett–walking this back and looking at things, I think I may have underestimated him. Think about it. You start as a redshirt freshman at App State and are named as a freshman all-American, walk into Oklahoma which by any stretch of the imagination is a huge jump in competition level. Then you proceed to play and play a lot while starting a few games. It speaks volumes to what you have between the ears. Ideally, Troy is a center, since your guards have to be tips of the spear if you will. The guards have to be battering rams who are amongst the most physical guys on the team. You can be a little bit smaller and play center effectively, since in most offenses you’re rarely going to be left alone in protection or in run schemes. Also when you take into account that he was just a sophom*ore I’d expect him to take a big jump this offseason under Schmitty and be about 310 or 315 while being a lot stronger.

Meanwhile…you’ve potentially got some studs coming in.

If somehow the Sooners do pull Eddy Pierre-Louis into this recruiting class, I don’t know if there has been a prospect throughout my years of following Oklahoma recruiting that I enjoy watching film on more than his. You guys know how much I love nasty play, great effort and finishing. Eddy is a guy who looks like coach B will have to rein in a bit in the finishing department. Shades of Duke Robinson come to mind for you old guys. He’s so fluid that in my opinion he could probably play a mean zero nose for Coach Bates or in that A Gap somewhere. Dude is a monster. It wouldn’t shock me one ounce to see him challenge for playing time as a true freshman, depending on how quickly he can grasp the offense.

Also, Eugene Brooks “B.J.” is somehow flying under the radar as one of more underappreciated commitments the Sooners have gotten in a really long time. 6’3″ 325, and plays at the highest level of California HS Football at Sierra Canyon HS. I absolutely love his film too. By all accounts he shed some bad weight over the summer and absolutely tore up the camp circuit. You could tell he put in the work watching his senior film as he’s running all over the place downfield finishing people off. His body composition changed from some earlier pictures and the guy could very realistically step on campus and challenge for time right away.

Febechi Nwaiwu is a guy, who if you haven’t watched his film, I suggest you go check it out. Definitely an interior player who’s plenty nasty, and oddly enough played Center in high school. Watching that high school tape, I was absolutely licking my chops thinking about the possibilities this opens up for Coach B. Realistically this guy who could be a jumbo center, or remain at guard if Troy Everett does what you hope he will this offseason. Nevertheless, he could play center and be that jumbo athlete in the middle that Bedenbaugh craves. In the mean time, you have several guys I expect to make big jumps this offseason. If they’re mentally ready to seize the opportunity of all of the open jobs up front, these guys could make some noise…

Josh Bates–Redshirted this year, but has that nasty that Coach B covets. Made some noise in the offseason, but still had a ways to go. Going through his second offseason and being hardened by the competition, he’s a guy who could shock everyone A La Orlando Brown and seize the day. You just never know what these kids can do when an opportunity is presented to them. Josh is a touch bigger than Everett, and if he plays his cards right could push for time at any of the interior spots. Totally someone who could play at 325 and be Ox Strong.

Heath Ozeata–Speaking of Ox strong, check out his profile picture on Thick, good lookin square headed kid who’s neck and shoulders definitely show some development. Currently he’s about 313 and goes 6’5. He was listed on the depth chart at guard, and given how much Coach Venables and the staff think of him, he could be a guy who gets every opportunity to play and play a lot. He’s a classic Bedenbaugh recruit. Played tackle in high school and has the frame and the feet for it, but will most likely end up being an interior guy for the Sooners.

Aaryn Parks–Honestly I’m surprised he hasn’t hit the portal, but to this point he’s stuck around. Every time I’ve seen him play I’ve been impressed with his athleticism, body composition and fluidity. Like Savion Byrd, he’s been hovering around that high two, low three hundred pound mark. He came in as a top 100 prospect and had offers from Bama, Florida etc and so on. He was in the same class as Anton Harrison, and I’m not sure why the light hasn’t come on for him yet. I’m rooting for him and I really hope he can connect the dots to be who we all thought he would be as a player.

Long story short, the sky isn’t falling Sooner fans. I expect these 10 guys to be the two deep at some combination. I still think that Logan Howland needs another year to add weight and develop, but is an EXTREMELY high ceiling guy like Tyler Guyton. Other commits, Aisosa, Akinkunmi and Autry will provide some key depth, but will need some work to refine their games. Rest easy ya’ll I do believe Coach B will put a solid O line in front of Jackson Arnold this fall.

On The Cayden Green Situation
– Charlie S – Posted on: December 14, 2023

We know many of you are asking about a report regarding Sooners OL, Cayden Green and a possible connection between his departure and Dillon Gabriel.

We cannot confirm most of what is in that report. Here is what we have heard…

***Brent Venables has continued to stay in contact with Green and his family in an attempt to bring them back in to the fold.

***We have no idea how successful that has been or will be.

***And in terms of any connection between Green and any other players currently outside the program, we were told that as Green was considering leaving, he reached out to DG and other players at other schools to get information on their respective schools and understand more about the process.

***Again, we can’t confirm the report. All we can tell you is the way it was painted to us, it sounded as though nothing nefarious or untoward had occurred.

Not disputing any other reports. Just passing along what we are being told.

Open Post | Weekend, December 15th - 17th - The Football Brainiacs - OU Edition (2024)
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