How do you access the command console (or dev console) on the browser version? (2024)

CourtOfTheGrayWaves said:

I'm not gonna use it for much. All I'm gonna do is level up my companions so we all match levels.

You can open the Console with the downloaded version of the game as well by the way.
Basically to open the Console in most browsers is "F12". If for some reason it doesn't open the Console, it should be found in your browsers "tools" section or other such similarly named derivative.

To open the downloaded version of the game in your browser, you go to the location of your downloaded game (assuming you've unzipped it at that point), then go to the "resources" folder, then the "app" folder. From there, scroll down until you see the "index.html" file, and drag and drop (or open with the browser of your choice) that into the browser of your choice (although the developers have stated multiple times that only Chrome and Firefox are supported---but I'm pretty sure you can use any Chromium based browser as well, such as Microsoft Edge).
You can do the same Console commands with this downloaded version now by using it in the browser (and pressing "F12" etc).

As for how I'd suggest you go about it (levelling up your companions and / or your player character), the commands are:



Due to the semicolons after each method call, you can copy paste all of those in the above directly into the Console (assuming you have 2 companions with you), and it should allow you to level up your player character and party as desired.
The companion1 and companion2 refer to which companion is first in the party order (companion1 appears first directly below the player character in the party order).

So, Cait would be companion1, and Atugia would be companion2.

You can essentially grab each line individually as well, such as if you only wanted to level companion2 then you'd open up the Console and paste companion2.addExp(99999999999999999); then press enter.

Alternatively, if you don't want to do that method, you could just spawn in Razorcup Nectars and use them on yourself / companions as you'd like. The way to spawn the Razorcup Nectars is:


pc.addItem(new ITEMS.RazorcupNectar(9));

You can spawn in more than 9 at a time if you so wish, such as 9999 via pc.addItem(new ITEMS.RazorcupNectar(9999));, but yeah---those are the recommended methods, as they seem to be the safest ways to do so. If you're just doing simplistic commands and not trying to cause any specific scenes to occur or summon any characters like Kiyoko prematurely, then I don't think you should have any issues using the Console.

In any event I'll put a disclaimer:
Using the Console can also cause bugs if you do a bunch of commands that you don't necessarily know what they do---and as such it is not advised to do so for general purposes. If you do have some issues after spawning in / changing a bunch of stuff through the Console, it wouldn't necessarily be fair to report that in the CoC2 Bug Reports forum, unless / until one can prove that it wasn't the spawning in / changing stuff through the Console that caused the issue.
Regardless, it would be best that one backs up any saves they intend to use with the Console commands.

wery12345 said:

You dont, just download the save editor and understand that if you do any glitches or bugs you may encounter cant be accounted for due to it.

I'm not sure why you would say that. Perhaps it's due to you not understanding the Console and how to make use of it, and then possibly generalizing that nobody else should use it either---and instead should rely on something third party which essentially edits the save directly, instead of just using the games built in script functions...

No hate to End5 by the way, just prefer to not have to edit the save directly, which actually counts as tampering with the save and results in it being unusable for bug reporting purposes---as well as supposedly results in an irritating popup one gets each time they open the save in-game.

CourtOfTheGrayWaves said:

Pardon my obtuseness but: How does the save editor do anything?

I don't know why they would recommend that.

The developers have actually mentioned using the Console as being okay previously, on certain occasions. Which I'll detail below, here:

And yes, I'm aware that these screenshots are from a while ago, but I haven't seen anything other than community speculation that using the Console shouldn't be done.
The only thing a developer has ever really said on the topic is that it could potentially cause just as many bugs / issues as save editing if one doesn't know what they're doing / what commands they're inputting.

How do you access the command console (or dev console) on the browser version? (2024)
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