Dtlr On 87Th Cottage Grove (2024)

1. Chicago Footwear & Apparel Store | Chatham Village DTLR

  • 112 W 87th St Space L5 Chicago, IL 60620. (773) 945-0446. In-Store Shopping. Get Directions | Store Details. 1.2 mi. 87th & Dan Ryan DTLR. Closes Soon • 7PM.

  • DTLR

2. Foot Locker in 87th and Cottage Grove: Chicago, Illinois | Approved

3. 712 E 87th St, Chicago, IL 60619 | Crexi.com

  • 30 mrt 2024 · 250,111 SF shopping center with retail space available for lease. Proposed New 28,000 SF outlot development. Chase, Walgreens, AT&T and DTLR ...

  • Photos, maps, description for commercial real estate

712 E 87th St, Chicago, IL 60619 | Crexi.com

4. 87th/Cottage Grove TIF - City of Chicago

  • Bevat niet: dtlr | Resultaten tonen met:dtlr

  • DPD promotes the comprehensive growth and sustainability of the City and its neighborhoods

5. Premium Footwear | Shoes & Sneakers | Chicago DTLR Stores

  • 87th & Dan Ryan DTLR. Open • Closes 8PM. Coming Soon. 205 West 87th St Chicago, IL 60620. (773) 377-9129. In-Store Shopping. Get Directions | Store Details. mi.

  • Use our convenient store locator to find a nearby DTLR Chicago store for basketball sneakers, running shoes, casual shoes & athletic gear and more!

6. Fight at Chicago shopping center leaves security guard shot dead

  • 20 dec 2023 · As CBS 2's Sabrina Franza reported, employees that work at the shopping center at 87th Street and Cottage Grove ... DTLR a few doors down.

  • Employees that work at the shopping center at 87th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue said the 53-year-old security guard gave his life to protect others.

Fight at Chicago shopping center leaves security guard shot dead

7. 8851 S Cottage Grove Ave Apartments in Chatham, Chicago ...

  • 87th, 95th, 79th, 69th, East 63rd-Cottage Grove. View on map. Shoe. Walking ... Gym Hub, Foot Locker, Rainbow, Top Fashion, DTLR. Cafes. Dunkin', Dat Old ...

  • View detailed information about 8851 S Cottage Grove Ave rental apartments located at 8851 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60619. See rent prices, lease prices, location information, floor plans and amenities.

8851 S Cottage Grove Ave Apartments in Chatham, Chicago ...

8. [PDF] South Shore Chamber Inc New Businesses Ward 8


Dtlr On 87Th Cottage Grove (2024)


What did DTLR used to be called? ›

and Goode Capital, DTLR was founded in 1982. Originally named Downtown Locker Room, the company later re-branded as DTLR and, in 2017, merged with Sneaker Villa Inc, previously based in Philadelphia.

How many DTLR locations are there? ›

DTLR is one of the country's most successful lifestyle retailers with over 245 stores in 19 states.

What does DTLR stand for? ›

abbreviation for

Department of Transport, Local Government, and the Regions.

What company owns DTLR? ›

Is DTLR a Nike retailer? ›

We take pride in carrying the hottest streetwear and sportswear styles from the hottest brands in the industry, like Nike, adidas, Jordan, New Balance, and much more.

Is DTLR first come first serve? ›

However, all items are sold on a first come, first serve basis and an item's availability and pricing are subject to change. This means that items added to your shopping cart may not be available at a later time. The only way to ensure the item is available is to order immediately.

Does DTLR price match? ›

Price Adjustments

DTLR will provide a price adjustment if the price was lowered within 10 days of the purchase.

What are the old names for DTLR? ›

It started out in Towson, Md., in 1983 as Athletic Attic Footwear, targeting the hip-hop/urban community, and opened its first store under the Downtown Locker Room name soon after. By 1998, it had expanded into apparel and in 2008, rebranded as DTLR.

What is similar to DTLR? ›

Top 6 Competitors & Alternatives to dtlr.com
  • shoepalace.com , with 759.39K visits, 42 authority score, 52.72% bounce rate.
  • kidsfootlocker.com , with 614.39K visits, 47 authority score, 58.12% bounce rate.
  • flightclub.com , with 1.92M visits, 60 authority score, 49.27% bounce rate.
Jun 11, 2024

What was the original name of the footlocker? ›

Incorporated: 1905 as F.W. Woolworth & Co.; 1998 as Venator Group Inc. Top athletic shoe retailer Foot Locker, Inc., was known until 1998 as the Woolworth Corporation and until 2001 as Venator Group Inc.

When did DTLR start? ›

DTLR, which was established in 1982, is majority owned by BRS & Co and Goode Capital and operates from 247 stores across 19 states, mostly in the north and east U.S. JD, which also owns Footpatrol and Cloggs, entered the U.S. market in 2018 with the acquisition of Finish Line.

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